Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Uh oh

So, how bad is it to dance with your infant while you're singing Bootylicious?

I sing all the time to Danica, but I've noticed lately sometimes I'm not picking the best song choices.  Haha. 
I sing nursery rhymes and primary songs, I make up my own songs, and recently I've been singing Christmas songs.
Yesterday I was singing Baby Beluga and substituting in Danica's name instead of "beluga."  I couldn't help but laugh when I sang, "Heaven above and the sea below, it's the little white...girl on the go."  I stopped singing cause it didn't seem quite right.
Mostly, I don't care, but today I was talking to and joking about it with Tyler and, because of our conversation, for the last few hours I've had The Thong Song stuck in my head! (That thong th thong thong thong...)
Luckily Danica doesn't really know words yet... just sounds.  Haha. 

I think pretty much every situation in life I can relate to a Friends episode and I was reminded of this one.

Also, on a finer note, Danica turned 4 months old today!!  Yep, time flies!  

Here's the cutie!

 4 months old

These are her serious, stare off in the distance poses

Playing with Daddy


  1. hahaha about the music! I don't know if you are into the show glee but we love it and Zeke loves all the songs so we watch them over and over on youtube :: thong song is one of them so if you are in trouble so are we ;) and such cute cute pics!! She is growing so fast!

  2. My girls love "The Wheels On the Bus." It's their favorite. I haven't tried "Baby Got Back" yet, though. I might have to try that;)

    My girls did well with their shots. They cried for a minute or two but it wasn't a huge deal. They didn't get fevers or anything afterward, either, thank goodness.

  3. I fell the same way about friends. Your sweet little girl is a cutie

  4. I think it's great to dance to bootylicious. Have you seen the you tube video of the baby dancing to all the single ladies? so funny! Colby love the song boom boom pow by black eyed peas, he also likes party in the usa. He likes those songs way better than baby songs! lol

  5. Can I also say everything in life reminds me of a friends episode? I think almost every day I say, "Hey! That reminds me, have you ever seen the episode where..."

    And I was thinking of Ross singing Baby Got Back even before I read it.


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