Friday, January 30, 2009

Ultrasound Pic

I had my first appointment and ultrasound on Monday. I absolutely love our doctor! He had actually heard of Elk Grove and knew we were the Thundering Herd. And at some point I put my hands to my head and did our antlers. Crazy! (You know what I'm talking about, if you're from there.)
The ultrasound was so great! It was such a relief to see the baby and see it move (a lot). It's great to know that it's alive and doing well. It measured 2.5".
During the ultrasound, I kept saying, "This is so weird.....that's so trippy!", and Tyler just kept laughing at me. But it's really weird to see it moving on the screen and know that that little thing is moving inside of you at the same time. Just the idea that there's actually a baby in me is weird.

I keep calling the baby It, but Tyler's come to name the baby Festus (and has told me it's name is not It) until we find out if it's a boy or a girl.
I tried taking pictures of me and my growing belly, by myself, but they didn't turn out so well. I'll probably have Tyler help me tonight.

Here's our ultrasound at 13 weeks. The head is on the left with the belly and feet poking up on the right. Yes, it looks like our kid has penguin feet, but from another angle we were able to see that it isn't so. We actually saw it crossing it's ankles...pretty cute... like it was just lounging inside.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I had forgotten how much I enjoyed and missed basketball until Saturday night!
We went to a game with Tyler's family and it brought back so many memories of playing in YW and especially watching the 2002-2003 season.
Remember them?:
Sacramento Kings 2002-2003
(we were obsessed)

BYU had a 77-71 win over San Diego State and it was a great game to watch. So much fun!! Tyler's sister, Candice, works for BYU Catering and was able to hook us up with the half-time snacks that few are invited to enjoy. While in there, Tyler spotted Elder Oaks and Elder Nelson! Definitely a night to remember!

PS: I go in for my first ultrasound tomorrow. I know it's later than usual and I've been so anxious to go!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chili's eat your heart out!

Whenever we happen to go eat at Chili's or Applebees I order the Southwestern Egg Rolls. They are absolutely di-vine!
Well, just this last week I was craving an Arby's melt and noticed they have Southwestern Mini Egg Rolls, so I had to get those.
I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant, but since then, all I want to eat are those egg rolls! It's seriously the only food I can think about!! I've bought them a couple times since (I know... super healthy right! Haha) and it's become a rather expensive craving.
I decided to try to make them myself! You can get the recipe here and we made them last night. They actually turned out pretty yummy. Not exactly the same, but I'm willing to perfect that because they are simply heaven in my mouth!
I had never deep fried anything at home and it was actually pretty easy. Here's our version of the tasty dish. (Our egg roll rolling needs perfecting too.)They're pretty big so quadrupling the 5 serving recipe was a bad idea because I can only eat one for a meal. (What was I thinking?!?) If you feel like making the recipe bigger than what the original recipe makes, I wouldn't cook them all in one night. If you decide to make a bunch at once, just store them in the fridge or freezer until you're ready to fry them because they don't taste as good reheated. At least not in the microwave...maybe they will in the oven.
Oh and you have to have them with the sauce! I think it makes the dish. The sauce I used last night was the extra chili lime ranch sauce I had from Arby's (they give you two with your order), but I'm going to find a recipe to make a similar sauce in the next few days, so I'll let you know what I find.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

♪♪Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying♪♪

So I'm 11 weeks today. I know that each woman's pregnancy is different, but I'm really hoping my pregnancy goes by the books.
Supposedly, starting the 11th week, morning sickness should lessen and continue to into the 2nd trimester (week 14).
Within the last week, I think my morning sickness has occurred less, but when it does it's a lot worse than it was before. Still not the funnest.
So I'm wishing and hoping... ♪♪♪

Monday, January 12, 2009

Memory Lane Monday

This is probably 1991 or 1992. If I could see how long my hair was I'd know better. This was at a carnival they had going on at Feickert park. I got a rainbow painted on my face. I think Barney was supposed to show up that year, but never did and I remember being super bummed. I also remember those awesome clothes. I had two pairs of those stretch pants, one also in leopard print, with the attached skirt and LOVED them!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I thought this was kinda funny and fun to do. This baby isn't actually too bad looking... sort of. All of these weird baby maker sites I've been to have come up with the ugliest babies!! I don't know why. If those determined whether I had a kid or not, I sure would not! It's a good thing Tyler and I have these amazing genes!! Haha.
Well, enjoy our baby Tymily.
And make your own at

Monday, January 5, 2009

Whatchu talkin bout, Willis?

I'm surprised with all the celebrities that have come into the UPS Store. Little did I know, when starting this job, that it was going to be such the hot spot in Provo. The biggest celeb I've seen come in is Donny Osmond. Though I'm not a big fan, that was kinda cool.
Gary Coleman came into the UPS Store the other day. That really caught me off guard! I totally just wanted to stare at him and say,"Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?" because he looked like he hadn't eaten or slept in 10 days. Kinda scary.
Moral of the story, next time you're looking for a little adventure and don't want to go all the way down to LA, stop into the UPS Store. You'll never know who you'll find there.

Friday, January 2, 2009


We really appreciate all the Congratulations! Tyler and I were really excited to share the news with you! I'm just over 9 weeks along and my due date is August 5th. So far, besides having a kidney stone, the flu, and now a cold, I haven't felt too badly sick from the pregnancy. Enough for me to be really excited for my 2nd trimester to begin though!
When having the kidney stone I had an ultra sound and we were able to hear the heartbeat at 6 weeks. We feel really blessed for that experience.
Yes, I have experienced crazy cravings and not so fun at all morning sickness and other symptoms, but we're super excited. We have yet to meet for my 8-10 week appointment, so I'm hoping talking about this too soon doesn't jinx anything.