Saturday, May 16, 2009

Baby Shower

My best friend moved away today! So sad!
Sarah (of course with husband and bun in the oven) moved back to Sunny CA. I'm going to miss her a ton and I'm really grateful to have hosted her baby shower last weekend.
Here are some pictures from the day:
She's having a boy in July!

The our lovely Relief Society room

The guest signin/advice and wishes book, 3 pictures of Sarah's ultrasounds,
and a baby bootie bouquet

The food!

This was one of the games we played...
Guess who's who!

The diaper cake.
I absolutely enjoyed making this cake. It was a lot of fun for me. I would love to make more!
The decorations and ideas are endless for future cakes.

Some of the gals
Kira, Rebecca, Cierra, Holly, Emmie, Sarah

Sarah, Heather, Marie, Eileen, Rebecca

Eileen, Rebecca, Kelsey, Janna, Melissa

Melissa, Anslin, April with Brooklyn, Tennyson, and London

Best buds for 12 years!

Our baby bumps.

It's been the best going through our pregnancies together! I'm sad we wont be able to spend the last couple months together and our kids wont be able to play together. It's ok, though,
they're going to have an arranged marriage. : )

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cinco De Mustache!

On May 5th, we celebrated Cinco De Mayo with some friends. It was a mustache party, so everyone had to wear a mustache. There were great decorations, yummy food, and a pinata. It was pretty fun! Here are some pictures of the night.
Me, Tyler, Dustin, and Jonny

This sign was missing the "o" in Cinco. Happy Cinc De Mayo!

Jonny, Kelly, Cherstin, Michael, Tyler, Me, Dustin, Hilary, and Sam

This is how we party!

Kelly and Tyler enjoying the virgin margaritas


Hilary looks like Hulk Hogan

Pinata time!

Me being spun before hitting the pinata... or attempting to hit the pinata.

Tyler can't see without his glasses!

Tyler knocked the pinata down and started to hit it and the ground... mostly the ground.