Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have a week and a half til my due date! Very exciting!!

This is also my 99th post so hopefully I'll be able to announce Danica's birth on our 100th post!

Here's me today at 38.5 weeks!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ok so...

I know some of you were wondering about my previous post and I kind of left you hanging.
And I'm about to burst your bubbles because the last two things I was gonna share may not be the most exciting news. Well... they are to me... and maybe you, if you know my friend Sarah.

*The first bit of news that made me giddy, was that my best bud Sarah had her baby boy. I was so excited I wanted to share, but I didn't want to before she had the chance.
Nicholas Jacob was born July 16th. He was 8 lbs 9 oz and 21 inches long! I'm so happy for them!

*The other news I was gonna tell you was just that we decided on Danica's middle name. It will be spelled Shay. As you may have noticed from our blog header.

So, sorry if that wasn't the most exciting news to you, but that's what it was.

Well, since I've stopped working, I've had a little more free time. Here's what I've been up to the last week.

I've been busy...

I've put together a puzzle,

I caught up on my magazine,

and I took a walk through downtown

and saw a chalk artist.

Then I took the subway (for the first time!)

and went to an Art Gallery.

We've also gone to the movies a couple times.

Then I went to the library to check out some new books. I found out that I still had some really overdue ones

and well... you know...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Announcements, Announcements, Announcements!

This is the latest and greatest in our lives

*Tyler got a new job! He's put in his notice at Xango and will start working for a company called ModusLink. They work in Supply Chain, which is great because that's what Tyler wants to go into with his MBA. We'll make about what we did last year, which is awesome since I wont be working. Plus he'll get benefits and we wont have to pay for school...just a child!

*I'm selling my Harry Potter stuff : (

*I'm due in less than 3 weeks (ahhhh)

*I found out some great news that makes me giddy... but I'll have to talk about that later.

*And something else I was gonna update you on, but for the life of me can't remember!!

Well, I know that's kind of a lame post...especially the last two, but YAY for Tyler getting a job!

Friday, July 10, 2009


...and 36 weeks

(Wow, shouldn't all the stripes on my shirt be going in the same direction??)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Tyler and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary
on June 30. We spent the evening together
and went to dinner at Red Robin
(♪ Yum!)

and saw Star Trek...which we hadn't seen yet.
I really liked the movie!
(As you can see we just made it in time!)

Traditionally that's what we do
and it was a lot of fun.
We also always get our picture taken
in those photo machines at the mall every year.

It's strange that Tyler and I have been married for 3 years now. It feels like I've known him my whole life and that there was never a time before we knew each other. I can't imagine my life without him corny as it sounds... it's because he completes me. We are truly best friends and we will forever be there for each other!

I'm always excited to spend another year with him and I'm floored that we get to spend and eternity together!