Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The weekend

This last weekend it was just Dani and me.  Tyler left Thursday morning for a work convention in Las Vegas.  After he had a long, hard few days, and a fun show, he came home Sunday night.
It was not so much fun spending a lot of time with out him, (it was a little crazy... and a little emotional for me) but I was able to catch up on quite a few things.
I finally finished some crafts I had started, worked on some that still need to be finished, and started a brand new one.
Also, last Saturday I planned a get-together to teach the rosettes, so I made another necklace.

Now what?....Now onto tackling another one off the list again.

Anything you guys are interested in making?
.... there's a good chance it might be one of my 130+ crafts on my To Do list.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Forgotten pictures

So I found these pictures on Tyler's camera.  They're from an Easter Egg hunt we were invited to the Friday before Easter.
But before I do that I want to show off you a necklace I made last weekend and wore to church on Sunday.  It was really fun to make and I like the way it turned out.
(Ignore the bad quality... it was taken with our webcam)
This Saturday
My place
If you want to make those rosettes, I'll teach you
(check out the post below)

Now onto the Easter pics...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting Crafty... time and place

Alright, there was a tie on which craft people wanted to do, so I took matters up with

And has spoken.

I assigned each of the crafts in the THIS POST a number  
and this is craft #3...the craft we will be doing. 
We will be making necklaces!

Above are just some examples of some necklaces... to give you an idea for yours.

When: April 24th, 1:00 PM
Where: My apartment... if you don't know where it is, leave a comment so I can email it to you
What you'll need: 
**scrap fabric in chosen color(s)... basically anything will work (silk, cotton, jersey).  I like to use just your cheap ol' cotton, because, well, it's cheap and you can make it fray easily.  For this project I will probably being using some old clothes in my DI pile, but if you don't have any scrap fabric, I know Walmart has a bin of marked down fabric (and I think the Cotton Shop does too??).
**hot glue gun and sticks (I got my hot glue gun at The Dollar Store a couple years ago).  Of course this is something we could share, if you don't have one, but it'll probably be easier for you if you have your own.
**scissors...also something we can share
**one piece of felt (the color doesn't really matter... it will be at the back of your necklace)
**about a yard of ribbon.  (this is to tie the necklace around your neck)
**any embellishment (jewels, buttons, beads...etc) you want your necklace to have

And that's it!  Please let me know if you are wanting to come 
(so I know how many chairs and such I need)  Thanks!

Sorry if your craft didn't get chosen.
At some point all the crafts will be made, 
so stay tuned for that :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

8 months and Easter

Dani turned 8 months old on April 2nd! She has become quite the ball of excitement! In the last couple weeks she's been getting so animated (and loud!) and has started scooting! And oh my goodness! She gets around FAST. It's so much fun, but I need eyes in the back of my head! She's also started showing us this really gummy smile where she scrunches her nose. So cute! Plus she has started waving!

Here's Dani on her 8 month b-day:
Such a cutie!
Although it's blurry, I love that last picture of Danica

We had a great Easter and enjoyed watching Conference. We didn't do Easter baskets for each other this year, and it was kind of nice. I wasn't concerned at all about what candy I would get, but more focused on the real meaning of Easter.

Here's Danica on Easter:
With all her loot. Thanks Grams for the Easter basket! I
I'm glad Miss Danica goes for her book first. What a smarty!
Tyler's mom made her this dress and headband! It's so darling!
Thank you!!
(She also made a dress out of some extra material she used on my bridesmaid's skirts. I have one of those skirts so Dani and I might have to match on purpose one of these days and take a picture)

Tyler and I gave Danica a blanket for Easter, along with that purple ball. I was going to make the blanket before she was born (HA!), but with Tyler's mom's help, I finished it a couple days before Easter.
This picture is kind of lame, but it will have to do.
I had it mostly complete for the longest time,
but couldn't figure out the binding on the corners

One last picture I thought I'd share.
This is my super ghetto jewelry holder. It's tucked in a nook in our room. I was tired of my small jewelry box (that actually has my name and my ex's name next to hearts on it....think I need a new one??) not being able to hold all my jewelry well. So I hung up the ones I wear most often and kept all bracelets and stud earrings and such in the box. It looks a little silly, but it works really well for now, and makes me happy.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Let's get crafty!

Alright, so I've been meaning to tackle this long list of crafts on my TO DO list forever... and instead it's just been getting longer.  I was wondering if some of you (if you're in the Provo area) would be interested in getting together some day and working on something?  Here are 3 ideas of things I'd like to do.  


And while you would have to bring your own supplies,
for each project they're pretty minimal.  
So, if you're interested, I'll let you know what you need for the craft.
Just leave a comment below telling me with one you'd like to do
or you can send me an email. 

Oh and, by the way, YES!
It was an April Fools joke, as a lot of you figured out!  
Glad I was able to fool some of you... at least for a millisecond :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010



(good for you if you remembered it was April Fools' Day)


So I've been feeling like our blog has been lacking in the excitement area lately.  Not that a blog has to be exciting all the time (or even at all); I try to use ours as some sort of journal for us and a little announcement maker for you.
Well here's a little excitement and an announcement....

(drum roll, please.........)

I'm pregnant!  Yes, you probably guessed that.  And, yes, I know...  Danica's only 8(ish) months old now and we're guessing the baby will be born around the end of October.  So they'll be about 15 months apart.  Hence the double stroller we bought a month ago.