Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comment on Crocheting

I was writing a response to my last post in the comment section... but it turned into a really long comment, so I just decided to make a little post instead.  Here's my reply to the comments so far on the post below:

I learned how to crochet from a roommate like 6 years ago.  She had me take it one little step at a time... making a REALLY long chain, pulling it apart, and doing it again and again until I got the hang of it.  Then she taught me the actual stitch and how to continue stitching lines.
I didn't really start to crochet again until like last year and, though I thought I had forgotten how to do it, it all came back to me.  Like riding a bike.  So, you might be surprised what you remember, if you've learned once before.
The more "advanced" stitching techniques I learned online.  I was looking at tutorials online and had no idea what they were talking about.  I didn't understand all the lingo so I googled them.  But I found the most helpful instructions on youtube!  I could actually see all the steps they were doing, pause or rewind it, and watch it all again.  So awesome.
I also got a book from my mother-in-law that tells me all my need-to-knows about crocheting.

For those nearby, I would love to show you what I know about crocheting.  I can't guarantee I'm the best teacher... and hopefully I'm not doing anything wrong!  But if you're interested in getting together sometime let me know.  I can organize a time to teach a little class thing.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Crocheting bug

I've caught a crocheting bug! 
It's just what I've been wanting to do in my free time.  Lately all I've made are flowers and I'm having so much fun!  (I have a how-to book entirely on crocheting flowers... so I'll be busy for a while)
I made this headband for Danica today and I had to share because I thought she looked so cute and so much older in it (sniff sniff).  She would NOT hold still long enough for a picture and she only let me take a picture of her when she was lying on the floor... haha!  ( not the best pictures). 
(the flower at the top of her head is a little bit bigger than the side flower)

Anybody else like to crochet?

Monday, January 17, 2011


Today was a good day!  I feel so thankful for the friends that I have.
I have some awesome friends and today I am especially thankful for a few. 

Natalie is such a genuinely sweet person!  She is so caring and considerate.  She brought us dinner tonight (so yummy!).  She is very sensitive and is always thinking of others.  I just love her so much!

Today I went shopping with Jill and Monique (and Danica).  It was so much fun to just chat and shop for a few hours.  I haven't spent an afternoon just hanging out with friends in a really long time!  It was very much needed and these girls are just so chill and easy to talk with.   (I love people like that!) 
I originally planned to just window shop with them, but, alas, I couldn't resist! 
I love to shop.  I got a bunch of jewelry :)

I wanted to share my finds because I'm pretty proud I only spent $30 on all this! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Some of you know that I had been feeling sick off and on since the beginning of December.  I wasn't exactly sure what was going on.  I went to see my doctor a couple times and took different medications to ease the pain and nausea.  We thought that it could have been a possible yeast infection, multiple UTI's, or multiple kidney stones.  We weren't sure what was going on exactly, but my doctor (well, my old doctor, as Tyler calls her... I'm switching doctors now) was pretty sure it was a UTI, so she gave me a prescription last week.

Last Saturday (my 4th "episode"), I started feeling really sick again.  This was the worst case yet.  I was sick in bed from 8am until 8:30pm.... with fevers, back pains, nausea, vomiting... the works.  I eventually started feeling better so I thought the antibiotic was finally working.

Then Thursday rolled around and the back pain and such came back.  I called my doctor's office made an appointment for a couple hours later.  Unfortunately, I totally forgot Tyler had taken my car to work so I had to walk the 7 blocks in pain, while pushing Danica in our double stroller in the ice and snow.... not fun.  (I really should have called a friend for a ride).  My doctor gave me a prescription for a stronger antibiotic.  I then told her that I thought it was something more than a UTI because it had been going on for over a month and asked if there was a better way to just figure out what was wrong.  She sent me to the hospital (luckily not a long walk) to get a CT scan.

I got the CT scan and Tyler met me at the hospital, leaving work early, and we headed home together.  After many phone calls and waiting around we finally found out that I was experiencing all this pain and sickness because I had a kindey stone! Again! (I had 2 while I was pregnant).

This stone was 3.8 millimeters and was obstructed.  Basically it was really close to the bladder opening, but couldn't make it through.  Because of this being a problem for over a month, my kidney was backed up with a lot of fluid and was having a hard time working and so I ended up with some gallstones too. Blah.

Tyler took Friday off work and after many more phone calls we got an appointment with a urologist at a clinic close to the hospital.  For the hour we were in the waiting room, I noticed I was the only patient probably under 70 years old.  I'm a broken-down 25 year old!  But, on the bright side, I was also the only patient that didn't need assistance to walk around.  After talking with the urologist, he was luckily able to schedule a surgery to get the kidney stone removed that day. 
So off to surgery I went.

The procedure went very well.  They did a urital basket extraction.  As I understand, they basically stuck a tube up, caught the kidney stone with a little basket device, and pulled it out.  We're going to have tests done to see what caused the kidney stone and see if I need to change my diet.  Tyler and Danica hung out in the waiting room... Dani missed her nap, but she was a perfect angel.

I feel very good now recovering.  I'm supposed to take it easy... which isn't too hard to do because I've been very tired and it's the weekend so Tyler's been around.  I have to urinate like every 15 minutes (too much information...???) probably because of all the fluid buildup and also because I've been downing liquids like no other.  I was also told I need to get up and walk around so I don't get phenomena. Tyler's been a HUGE help.  He always is.

I'm so glad we finally figured out what was wrong with me!  I already feel a whole lot better and am not in much pain at all.
(Can you believe this was the quick and shortened version?)

On another note, if you've been following my other blog I finally updated that too.  I put a link in the top right of my blog... or you can click HERE

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Party time!

...I mean potty time!

Danica has been showing possible signs she's ready for potty training!

I was wondering if I could get some free advice from you guys.  
What has worked for you or someone you know? 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

November and December update...finally

Well, I have a million pictures from Thanksgiving and Christmas and in between.  Posting all of them would make for a really long (not to mention boring) post.  So I'll just post a few of my favorites...
Since pictures speak 1000 words I'll let them do (most of) the talking.

Thanksgiving in CA with my family

bundling up for a walk in Grandma's gloves

Dani loved my sister's Christmas scene


Tyler rock climbing

Thanksgiving at my sister Anna's

Family pics 

First time playing in the snow

building a snowman with Dad

Hugging the snowman

Attempting a snow angel

Our gingerbread houses


Back views

Christmas lights on Temple Square

Dani just woke up

Christmas in CO with Tyler's family
opening up stockings

Dani LOVED seeing Frosty on the front lawn with PopPop

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Do not repeat

Well, for those that were interested... I've created a blog to document my personal challenge I mentioned in my previous post.