Monday, March 28, 2011

How we met....

I thought I'd share the story about how we met.....

SHORT VERSION - We met in our Single's Ward in Provo, UT.

(names have been changed to protect the innocent...or guilty, depending how you look at it)

Once upon a time (2004) in a strange land called Provo, a boy (Tyler) and a girl (Emily) moved to an apartment complex called Centennial (into two separate apartments, that is).  They began attending the same Single's Ward.  Although the boy had been a home teacher to a couple of the girl's roommates, the boy and the girl somehow didn't meet for almost a year.  (Unless you count the time the girl sat by the boy in Sacrament meeting and said "hi.".... but she doesn't remember that happening, but then again she doesn't remember a lot of things.)

During that year, the boy started dating Hildagard and the girl started reciprocating flirtation behavior with Archibald.  After a while the girl's roommate, Aretha, decided she was interested in Archibald, and the girl decided she wasn't, so she went on an awkward walk with Archibald to tell him that she, the girl, wasn't really interested in anything serious with him.  A little while later the girl started dating Biff.

In the meantime, the boy ditched Hildagard and started dating Bertha.  The girl dumped Biff and finally met the boy....As was mentioned the boy was a home teacher to a couple of the girl's roommates.  After one home teaching visit, while the boy sat chatting with the girl's roommates, the girl came out to do the dishes.  Her roommate Ivana, mentioned that the girl had just broke up with her boyfriend and the boy asked about it.  The girl, probably talking way too much, told much of her break up story.  (what a great first conversation)  The boy said he didn't mind though because, hey it got them together.

A little while later (February 2005) Aretha became interested in the boy so she invited him to choir and game nights.  The boy started coming to things.  Soon the girl and boy took notice of each other and started liking each other.  (Aretha started dating someone else and the boy decided to dump Bertha.)

Somehow, during this time, the girl let slip to Aretha that she might now sort of be interested in Archibald while at the same time liking the boy.  Archibald and the boy started vying for the girl's attention.  Really Archibald was trying to get her to notice him more, while the boy was getting the girl to notice him.  The girl liked survived the attention.  All along she knew she'd pick the boy over Archibald, and finally did (June 2005).

Archibald found out that he had lost when one day he walked into the girl's apartment and saw her holding hands with the boy.  To make things more complicated...shortly thereafter another roommate, Darla, started liking Archibald and Archibald started liking Aretha, now that she was single again.  Confused?...  Much to Archibald's dismay, Aretha wasn't interested in him anymore and Archibald wasn't interested in Darla.  Darla, having lost interest in Archibald started dating her future husband, Herb.

So.... the boy and girl started dating, had lots of fun, got engaged (March 2006), and were married (June 2006)!!  They had a baby girl (August 2009) and are living happily ever after (at least they were happy at the time of this post).

(rolling through the end credits.....)

Darla married Herb and now have a baby girl.

Aretha married Walter and now have a baby boy.

Archibald was recently engaged and seems very happy.

Who cares about Hildagard, Bertha, or Biff?




Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tyler's Bday

Tyler turned 28 on March 4th!
Somehow I took like no pictures that day. This was around the time that Danica and I were really sick... and I think I just spaced it. That's also the reason why I didn't make some cool cake for Tyler... didn't want to spread the germs.
We celebrated his birthday on the 5th by going to Chili's with some friends and family. ("Tyler - party of 17") Then we had more friends over for cupcakes and ice cream. Over the course of the night we probably had 30 people in our small apartment.
Although I decorated with streamers and banners... this is the only decoration I took a picture of.

Tyler made these awesome cupcakes
They were chocolate with a cream cheese frosting and a homemade oreo-marshmellow center. They were sooo yummy!

..... See what I mean? (that's a whole cupcake in his mouth)

This picture is random, cute, and taken on Tyler's bday.
Danica gathered a couple stuffed animals and her baby and read to them on the stairs.

Monday, March 14, 2011

....Getting to know all about you

I liked the idea on a friend's blog of sharing random things about her and her husband, because well, while a lot of you know one or both of us, there are some things you probably don't really know... unless you're a family member or an old roommate or something.

Today I thought I'd tell you about our pet peeves/things that bug us (in no particular order)...

*Note : Maybe pet peeves weren't the best thing to start off with, when getting to know us. This list is long and makes us sound like really negative people, or like we think we're better than others. But I'm sure (I hope anyway) a lot of you can relate. It was sort of therapeutic to type out and I sort of couldn't stop once I started. :)

Emily - nails on a chalk board or even just chalk.... or thinking about either of them. (Yep just typing this is making me all squeamish. I have to flick my fingers or scratch my legs to make me feel better... strange, I know!)

Both - when people don't use blinkers

Both - when people park bad... and don't fix it.

Both - when drivers do something stupid and are definitely at fault, and then when you honk at them, they honk back at you.

Both - when people don't yield to pedestrians

Both - when drivers ride your tail

Both - when drivers don't pay attention to the lights... especially the left turn light... and make you miss the light

Both - maybe I should have just said bad drivers

Both - overly affectionate couples... especially at church. If this is you, STOP IT (Tyler added that last part)

Tyler - when students take up class asking ridiculous questions

Tyler - when some random guy calls him "dude", "bro", "man", or similar word

Tyler - when someone interrupts your story and finishes your sentence wrong (ok, ok.... maybe I'm the only one who does that to him. I'm working on it!)

Tyler - when people wear too much perfume/cologne

Emily - intentional misspellings in texts, emails, or facebook statuses ("lite" kwik" "R" for are)

- when people have bad sickness etiquette

Tyler - when people leave their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle or randomly stop in your way (you wouldn't drive your car like that, would you?)

Tyler - people who go the wrong way in a parking lot

Both - when someone with a full cart of groceries gets in the "10 items or less" checkout

Emily - when you have an itch on the bottom of your foot, but you can't scratch it because you have shoes on.

Emily - when people say they have a scratch when they should be saying "itch." Right-I have an itch. To make it better I will scratch it. Wrong-I have a scratch. To make it better I will scratch it...

Emily - not clipping you nails over a trash can

Emily - when you pull a string from your shirt and it doesn't break... it just becomes longer

Tyler - skinny/woman's jeans on men

Emily - when people pull their food out of the microwave early and don't clear the timer

Emily - when people don't RSVP

Tyler - guys who wear wifebeaters (and nothing else for a shirt) in public

Tyler - people who use the self checkout lanes and don't know what they're doing so they slow everyone down

Tyler - when people send a text when a call is what is needed

Emily - how commercials are so much louder than TV shows

Emily - not letting things go the first time someone says stop

Tyler - manpris.... when guys wear really long shorts that hit mid calf

Emily - using the toilet paper down to the last few squares without getting a new roll

Tyler - when commission based employees won't back off (really any employee won't leave me alone. If I need help I'll ask)

Emily - when people say "you and I" when it should be "you and me"

Both - people trying to enter the elevator when the people inside haven't left yet

Emily - people who try to talk to you when you're going to the bathroom

Tyler - girls wearing their pjs to the store or school. Is life so busy you can't put on real pants?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

and some more...

random that is...

Do you say
Ding Dong Ditch
Door Bell Ditch
something else?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

more random...

I've had a bad cold for a week or two and it's kept me up at night.  I have a hard time falling back asleep too, so I've spent some nights thinking about random things.  The other night I was thinking about how "Hollywood", as I'm sure you're aware too, has come out with a lot of, but not limited to, unoriginal ideas for movies in the last little bit.  It seems there have been a lot of remakes. 
I was wondering if they would ever remake (a good version of) The Wizard of Oz.... based on the 1939 musical.   ???
Well it made me start to think about who I would pick to play the main roles in the movie.  I think it would be cool if it were still a musical too.

Alright now....
Think about the stars in the original movie....

My still-uncertain picks would be:

Dorothy -

Scarecrow -
Jim Carrey or Adrien Brody (can he sing?)

Tinman -

Cowardly Lion -  

Glinda -

Wicked Witch - 
Wizard -

Ok, so I know I'm not the best at picking out a cast and it sure would make for a pricey budget to hire all these actors... but it's fun pretending!

Who would you pick as the stars for a remake?