Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bragging Rights

This post is all about Danica...

Danica has been saying the funniest things lately and doing things to make us very proud!  She does the funniest things everyday and we're realizing we need to record these things more.


  Today in Dani's bath she was playing with a plastic twisty straw and waved it at me.  This was our conversation:
D- Transform!  Transform!  Transform!
M- What did you transform me into?
D- A pumpkin!  This is my new wand.
M- Oh yeah?
D- (no response to that, but talking about the straw still) These are my scissors. I cut (she proceeds to "cut" the side of the tub).  Oh no!!  Need new ones... these ones are toooo sharp!

We got a jigsaw puzzle for Dani this weekend... one that has the numbers 1-20.  It was a little tough because the pieces are cut going through the numbers... not around each number, but today she did the 20 piece puzzle all by herself!

A conversation between Tyler and Danica:
T- Hey, Dani, what should I have to eat?
T- No, I don't want a hotdog.  I'm going to have Rice-a-Roni.
D- Ooooh yes!  I LOVE Rice Ponies!

The other day Dani and I woke up and the first thing she wanted to do was fold some crocheted potholders.  She just kept saying, "That so pretty!!"
I have yet to show her how fun it is to fold the all the laundry!

A request from Dani -
"I need marshmallows!  Please, please, please?  I need marshmallows in my hand in the family room... pleeeeaaase?"
How could I resist?
When we sat on the couch Dani sat as close as she possibly could to me and said, "I like you, mommy"

Today I took Dani trick-or-treating around our house.  She had a little bucket and would knock on every door... our front door, back door, bathroom door, pantry door, and refrigerator door.  I would open the door and Dani would say, "Trick or treat!"  I'd hand her a treat (a small toy of hers), she'd say, "Thank you!" and then walk to the next door.

We've been working on good manners for a while now, or as Dani tells me she has "good madders."  She's really good at saying please and thank you and covering her mouth when she sneezes or coughs, but I love it and it makes for a very proud mommy when I see her using good manners with someone other than Tyler and me... without us asking.

  Dani is a huge cuddle bug.  My mom used to call me her "hug-a-bunch" and Dani's the same way.  When ever someone is coming over to visit she asks if she can give them a big hug and a big kiss.  Everyday she tells me she's going to do this to Tyler when he gets home from work, but for some reason she says she wants to give him a big hug and kiss on his legs... and she does.

  Dani is such a happy and easygoing girl.  She's very caring and is always telling us we're so beautiful and asking if we're happy.

☼  Last week Dani had a babysitter, my friend Nancy, whom she calls Fancy (as in Fancy Nancy).  When Nancy was saying goodbye she picked up Dani for a hug.  Dani put her hands on Nancy's cheeks, squeezed them and said, "You're so cute!  You're so cute!"

  Danica gets so excited to sing Happy Birthday to us.  She wraps up one of her toys in a blanket and has me open it.  On my birthday I had Dani sing Happy Birthday to me on my phone.  Ever since then she's been singing Happy Birthday like this, "Happy Birthday, to you.  Happy Birthday, to you. Happy Birthday, Mommy.  Happy Birthday, Mommy's phone!  Hahahaha"

Monday, September 26, 2011

I would like to win this...

Jame is having a giveaway on her blog for the pattern for this purse. I really want to win!
Enter here, if you'd like to win too... or if you want to win and give me the pattern! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Yay for Fall and craziness!

I get so excited this time of year!!
I love the season and approaching holidays

I'm really excited for these too...

Oh, and I had more crazy dreams.  I'll spare you all the details... let's just say it involved my old seminary class resolving a long time feud with that cast of Jersery Shore (though, never seeing the show, I have no clue what they look like) and then Gandolf the White approving.
Oh... and having our baby (who was perfectly healthy) at 30 weeks and then laughing at every little thing nonstop.

I think my nighttime craziness is rubbing off on Tyler.  Last night, as I was rolling over, I noticed Tyler stick his hand straight in the air, snap his fingers, and then he rolled over too.  Haha, I can't stop laughing about it.  Even though it woke him up, he has no clue why he snapped. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

So, that crazy dream...

Don't know if you care about my crazy dreams, but I wanted to record it, cause I thought it was funny.

(let's see if I can remember it all)

Well, it started off with my aunt and uncle receiving day passes to Disneyland from my parents, as some sort of thank you.  My aunt and uncle took the tickets, but, for some reason, when they got there the tickets didn't work so they decided to sneak onto a boat going to Salt Lake City instead.  (I want to know what boat goes from Anaheim to SLC!)  When they got to Salt Lake, they decided to work on Temple square as monasteries (no idea why they were called that), which were doctors that dressed up like birds  (think Disney's Robin Hood... when he dresses up like a bird) and stood on 3 legged stilts.  They got paid $3 an hour. 

Then the scene changed and I was at my elementary school field with a bunch of other people surrounding this weird clown guy.  The clown would say a riddle and once he finished until the time someone answered correctly, we all became zombie-like.  Then the person who answered correctly could leave. 
Well, the time came when I knew the answer to a riddle first. 
The clown asked, "Who is the most feeble?" 
  I answered, "babies, blondes, mothers, and wives of doctors!"  (????)
And I was right, so I got to go home.

I started heading home and my friend Sarah asked for a ride home too.  The whole time I was driving Sarah home, her baby sister, Krista, (who is now like 10 or something) was sitting on my steering wheel.  Krista was see through, so I could drive, but it was super distracting and there was a ton of traffic.  I kept getting honked at and Krista kept wiping Spaghettios all over my face. 

Then I woke up.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dani, Dani, Dani the Explorer!

Dani's been on a Dora the Explorer kick lately.

I thought that maybe she had been watching it too much when Dani started quoting the show and pretending she's going to places like the Big, Tall Mountain.

Then, I was pretty sure after she started holding out her hand (like Dora and Boots above) and saying "Dani, no swiping, Dani no swiping, Dani no swiping!..... ahh man!"

Tyler and I even have a song from Dora stuck in our head all the time. 
♪ ♫"...arriba, up.  abajo, down..."♪ ♫
(It's from an episode Danica calls, "Just Boots")

And now I'm convinced after calling Dani "Dora" today!!  Granted, they had just been calling Dora's name on the tv a moment before.  But yikes. 

Umm, I think it's time to say adios to Dora.

Friday, September 9, 2011

I've figured out what we're getting Dani for Christmas!....

A big, nice, expensive present for US!

One that will come in a big box with lots of packing inside.
...cause that's what makes her happy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

28 weeks! 84 days... 12 weeks!!

That just popped into my head and made me a little nervous (and I promise it actually makes sense... unlike a lot of things I think (oh I should share a crazy dream I had a little while ago, sometime). ). 

I looked at the little ticker on the right and realized I'm 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow (and I still haven't taken any belly pics)!  Then I saw I'd have 84 days left... well that number didn't look so bad.  Then I thought, wait... 28 weeks?  That means I have 12 weeks left!!

That's a little scary.  12 weeks does not seem long at all especially when I think how fast these next seasons go! 
It always seems to speed by with all the holidays, fun weather changes (I can say "fun" now because I'm not experiencing the snow yet), crafts to make, and making sure Danica enjoys the spirit of it all.

Yikes.  Another baby..... another kid. 

I often wonder how my mom had 6 kids (and did daycare) and stayed sane and cool through it all.  I know moms do it all the time and I should be able to too.  But yeah.

I was just thinking that maybe part of the reason having a second child seems so daunting (besides actually having to juggle take care of two kids) is I think about all the things we had to teach Dani in these two years of her life and it makes me glad she's at the stage she is now.  I feel the pressure of having to "start all over" with another kid.  But at the same time I think about how much we really enjoyed all those big and small moments Danica learned something new.

It'll be tough, but it'll be worth it. 
And there will be different enjoyable moments when I see our kids learning and interacting together.

I just told Tyler I should take a picture of my growing belly.  He laughed and said, "You've probably said that once a week for the last 5 weeks."  Oops.  I guess I'd better get on that!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ippy Cider

(that's Dani's version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider)

I've got pictures of our place, but first I want to say...

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments for my birthday!  I'm glad I have friends and family like you.  I had no idea my wonderful husband did that and all of it made my day(s)  :)

Anyway... much awaited (for some of you) are the pictures of our new home.  Forever ago, Tyler actually took pictures of our empty place and he did a really good job (so there are a ton!). 

Maybe someday you'll see it all put together... but hey, we don't even have it all put together yet!  We weren't digging our last decor and decided to start all over here, but that takes money, so our walls are still bare.

Anyway, I finally took a moment to put all the pictures together
...and here they are (the pics were being all funky)...

                            walking in our front door                             turn left and you see a little bathroom

          our front door and bathroom door

 a peekaboo window into our kitchen

the kitchen

       the backdoor... we use this more than our front door
                (sometimes it feels like out front door)

                    looking at our (actual) front door from the kitchen
... the peekaboo window on the right is our stairwell into our basement
                                                                                                          let's go into the basement

 once you're downstairs you see a door and it leads to our laundry room/ bathroom

 a view of the unfinished laundry room from the unfinished bathroom, the unfinished bathroom
the basement room
the hallway is where we just were (so that wall is shared with the laundry room)
 more views of the basement (and Harry Potter's old room)
 let's go back upstairs
follow that walkway and we'll go upstairs again
 view down from the top of the stairs
 nursery & nursery looking at door and closet
 hallway- looking at our linen closet, dani's room just to the left of that, the bathroom at the right, the nursery (out of view) to your left, and the hallway to the master at your right
 upstairs bathroom
 Danica's room

 same view of our hallway, with the linen closet open,  the hallway to the master

 the master

my's a walk-in!
... I think it would normally be a master bath, but right now I'm enjoying the closet space
 Tyler's closet