Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Unsung Heroes

Tonight, when putting Danica to bed I read from a book called Thanks & Giving All Year Long.  It was one I picked up from DI probably 6+ months ago.  It has a bunch of short stories, poems, and songs.

I read her a poem today called, "Unsung Heroes"....

We love to say "I love you" to the folks we're mad about,
But forget to thank the objects that we just can't do without.
It's time we paid them back for all the things they help us do....
So, you small but useful things, I wrote this song for you!

My heart goes out to zippers, button, snappers, knots, and bows,
If it weren't for you, I'd freeze because I couldn't close my clothes.
And I couldn't take home things I buy without you, paper sack,
So I offer you my love, although you cannot love me back.

Thank you, plugs and stoppers - you hold water in our sinks.
And without you, corks and bottle caps, we'd surely spill our drinks.
Let's raise a cup to cups, and to the handles used to raise you.
I know you cannot hear me; still I'll sing this song to praise you.

If it weren't for you, galoshes, when it snowed I'd have cold toes,
And if I didn't have my hanky, well, I couldn't blow my nose
(Unless, of course, I blew it on my collar or my cuff),
So though you can't say "You're welcome," I can't thank you both enough.

I pledge my love to light bulbs, 'cause you help us light our planet,
And you stones who hold my beach towel down, I won't take you for granted!
Yes, thanks to all you things for all the things that you things do....
You are truly unsung heroes, and I sung this song for you!

I thought that poem was really cute, and it made me think about the little things I'm thankful for, but usually take for granted.  This season is a time a lot of people reflect on the different things they're thankful for.  There are certain things I am truly so grateful for that come to the front of my mind when I feel thankful.  But there is still more to be thankful for.

We complain about silly things and joke about First World Problems; those are some of the things we are taking for granted.  I'm resolving to spend some time thinking about the more "minor" things I'm thankful for too.  To catch myself when I'm grumbling and to stop and look around at the things I'm lucky to have and sincerely feel thankful for them.


It's the cool thing to do.