Thursday, July 26, 2012

Look at me me me, I'm three three three!

Although Dani turns 3 on August 2nd, we decided to have a birthday party for her about a week ago because my parents were in town.  She told us she wanted a pirate themed party... so that's what we did. Tyler and I had a lot of fun making decorations, food, and creating this party for her.

I made the vest, shirt, and tutu, and the rest of the outfit was bought from
Shortly after this picture, Dani didn't want to wear the vest or the tutu anymore... and didn't the rest of the party

Here are the decorations in the front room:

Decor on the wall (above Dani in the top pic)
Tyler made an awesome and huge treasure map
(you couldn't actually see the thermostat as well as you can in this pic... ha!)

Decoration/food in the kitchen:
(this was above the food table)   


Every time I read "Shark Bait" I couldn't help but say, "Shark Bait, ooh ha ha"
(Cyber high-five if you can tell me what movie that's from)

It was a lot of making little pirate outfits for the kids

My wonderful parents!!  It was so great to have them here for a week

 All the nieces and nephews that are here in Utah (there are 4 more in CA)


  1. Replies
    1. Hooray! Cyber high-five to yoooouuuu! :)

  2. i knew it, too! i saw the pictures on facebook earlier today and i totally thought of finding nemo when i saw the "shark bait" picture, too. so yeah. cool looking party. you're so much more creative than i am. i've been thinking that i might try to draw mickey mouse's head on caleb's cake this year, but even just doing that completely overwhelms me. i don't know if i could ever do a whole themed party. so kudos to you.

    1. Hooray! You can have a cyber high-five too!

      Thanks, Katie! I have a lot of fun doing these kind of things, but I usually don't think of the ideas on my own. I'm a big copycat :)

      For Caleb's cake you could do one round cake for the head and get two small Pyrex bowls or tupperware for the ears... that way there's no cutting involved. I bet someone has Pyrex tupperware in your ward, if you don't any.

  3. That looks like an awesome party! I can't believe she is three already!

    1. Thanks Kerri! Yeah, it blows my mind sometimes when I think about her being 3 :)

  4. I saw the sign in the picture and thought, "Shark bait, ooh bop a doo", but maybe that's because I always catch on a little later to things :) Way cool party. Alice got Disney figurines on her cake because even though she wouldn't remember, I didn't want photographic proof of my in-artisitic abilities, and those were the only decorations!

    1. Thanks Kari!
      I don't know that Shark bait quote... kind of sounds like something my dad would say though :)


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