Tuesday, March 4, 2008

So it's Tyler's birthday today, March 4 (the most moving day of the year) and he's 25 year's old. We wont be doing anything special until the weekend because he'll be studying all night. In honor of his birthday I wanted to fill this out about him.

What is his name? Tyler Pearson
How long have you been together? going on 3 years, but this June we'll be married for 2 years
How long did you date? well we got engaged like 8 months into, but by the time we were married it was a year
How old is he? 25
Who eats more? definitely Tyler... he likes to prove it with his personal eating contests
Who said i love you first? Haha...me. That's an interesting story. Come to find out we had both been wanting to say it for a long time, but we didn't have the guts. We were laying on the love sack falling asleep. I couldn't take it anymore so I decided I was gonna say it then and not back down for the millionth time. So I felt Tyler move and I stole my chance. He was mostly asleep and said, "What?" and I had to repeat myself. So then I freaked out and kissed him while he was trying to say it back so all I hear is a very mumbled I love you. Later that night, when we were saying goodbye, the same exact thing happened. I said it again and then kissed him before he had the chance to get his words out.
Who is taller? Tyler
Who can sing better? probably me, but that doesn't keep him from singing... and I always love hearing it
Who is smarter? Tyler...
Who does the laundry? Mostly me, but Tyler helps out sometimes too
Who pays the bills? Tyler... he's very good at it.
Who sleeps on the right side? If you're laying in the bed, Tyler does
Who mows the lawn? we don't have a lawn, but Tyler's the one who takes care of the plants we do have
Who cooks dinner? Tyler and I have different schedules, so we usually cook our own things and eat at different times. When we're together, we still usually get our own meals because that's what we're used to, or Tyler will make us both something. I'll cook sometimes, but rarely. That's going to change once we have kids.
Who drives? Tyler, in both cars
Who is more stubborn? that's a good question. We're both stubborn in different ways
Who kissed who first? Tyler kissed me first
Who asked who out first? Tyler asked me out first. Actually for the first couple or few dates he was asking me out and I didn't realize they were actually dates at first.
Who proposed? Tyler... I really wasn't expecting it and I had a dream the night before that made a good transition into the proposal
Who has more friends? I'm not sure...probably about the same. A lot of our friends are each other's friends now too
Who is more sensitive? oh my... definitely me.
Who has more siblings? me...2 brothers 3 sisters (3 of them married) and Tyler has 2 brothers and 1 sister
Who wears the pants? Probably Tyler. Though, we both have our say on things and we'll listen to each other


  1. Happy late B-Day!!!! I'm going to put it on my calander now so hopefully i'll remember next year. hope you guys have a great weekend.love anna

  2. Ok, so i thought today was wednesday so Happy on time Birthday!!

  3. Happy Birthday Tyler!

    And I love that his middle name is Calvin...for some reason I can see him as a Calvin. But maybe that's cuz I have tons of boys in my class and most of them love reading Calvin and Hobbes!

    I also love the "I Love You" story. I can totally see that happening...at least he was saying I love you back. :)

  4. Oh yea, I forgot...I love the dryer picture...

  5. Tyler says thanks! Yeah, the "I Love You" story was totally a classic Emily Moment.

  6. i am so excited you guys have a blog! Thanks for finding ours. This will be a great way to stay in touch. You guys look like you are doing really well!

  7. Its fun to read about your hubby... hey, do you still work at stan's or did you bust out of that place? I live down the street and thought of you the other night when we went to go get shakes :)


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