Friday, May 23, 2008

I Guess It's My Turn

Up until now Emily has been the one who has diligently updated the blog and kept me informed about the latest posts on others' blogs. But now I've decided to step up to the plate and post something.

Many of you might be aware I just finished the Accounting Jr. Core at BYU and have been waiting to hear whether I was accepted into BYU's masters program . Each year they accept about 160 students into the masters program, 60 into the tax stem and 100 into professional stem. This year over 170 applied to the professional stem, I being one of them. Last week I found out that I was not one of the lucky 100.

I was a little surprised I wasn't more disappointed about not being accepted. I was hoping to finish school in two more years, but don't think that will happen now. Since finding about not being accepted I have been thinking about my options and think I might finish my undergrad and then get an MBA. I haven't looked into specifics, but I think that's what I'll end up doing, only time will tell.


  1. hey sorry it didn't work out to what you had planned, but you know things will work out for the best. hey, one of your plans for the future is bound to work out, right? good luck! we're looking forward to seeing you guys in July.

  2. Way to take a turn with the ol''ll have to convince Joseph to do the same.

    We're sorry that you didn't get in, but we can testify that in the end it will work out even better than you could have planned.

    Maybe you and J will be MBA buddies. :)


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