Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer BBQ

We had a BBQ last Saturday with our neighbors out on the front lawn. It was Sarah and Jacob Pierce, Kendra and Joseph Seymour, Lissa and Severin Nelson, Anslin and Matt Ball, and Tyler and I. It was a lot of fun! Tyler cooked up hamburgers and hot dogs and everyone else brought a lot of tasty food. We stayed out late playing Catch Phrase until we couldn't read the words anymore. We all shouted a bunch of crazy answers (well mainly me...I swear I know that the Eiffel Tower isn't in New York and that the 3rd rock from the sun isn't Mars (at least I wasn't the alone on that one)) and had a blast. We'll definitely do it again soon. Here's some fun pictures of the night.

Joseph, Tyler, Kendra, Sarah, and Jacob

Joseph, Kendra, Sarah, Anslin, Matt, Tyler the grill master, Jacob, Lissa, and some of Severin

Joseph, Lissa, and Severin

Tyler, Jacob, Lissa, Sarah, Severin, Anslin, and Matt

Kendra and Joseph

Anslin, Matt, Sarah, Jacob

The timer stopped on Tyler

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  1. That was a really fun night! Thanks for hosting it! :)


It's the cool thing to do.