Friday, January 2, 2009


We really appreciate all the Congratulations! Tyler and I were really excited to share the news with you! I'm just over 9 weeks along and my due date is August 5th. So far, besides having a kidney stone, the flu, and now a cold, I haven't felt too badly sick from the pregnancy. Enough for me to be really excited for my 2nd trimester to begin though!
When having the kidney stone I had an ultra sound and we were able to hear the heartbeat at 6 weeks. We feel really blessed for that experience.
Yes, I have experienced crazy cravings and not so fun at all morning sickness and other symptoms, but we're super excited. We have yet to meet for my 8-10 week appointment, so I'm hoping talking about this too soon doesn't jinx anything.


  1. Congrats you guys!!!!! THat is so exciting! I hope you enjoy every minute of being pregnant. It is such an incredible experience...except for the weight don't have to "enjoy" that! But I bet you will be all baby anyway!

  2. I am so excited!What a beautiful thing! I hope that all goes well for you, and you get or stay sick for too much longer. Congratulations again!

  3. Congratulations! remember when you had those two dorky pregnant visiting teachers? :)

  4. Congrats! How thrilling! I am very excited for you. I'm just going to make my prediction now and say you are having a BOY! Well, shall see. Also, just curious, are those neighbors of yours still moving out and needing someone to replace them? Do you know when they are moving?


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