Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fashion Face-off Challenge

Ok this may be the über nerd in me, but I've decided to start a challenge.  Let me know if you're even interested.
(Don't know how often I'll do it yet...maybe every other week... but I thought it would be fun.)

Here are the rules:
Every other Sunday, I (or the winner of the previous month) will post a picture of a fashion item. It might be a bag, or a dress, or jewelery...etc.

To participate, all you need do is create an outfit based on that fashion item. You might create it out of photos you've taken of your own wardrobe, or a celebrities, or easier still, find pictures on google or Polyvore (super easy!) and paste them together!
(I paste them together in paint and save it as a picture)

You'll have a week to get your outfit emailed to me.
I'll put all the outfits in one post
(so it's anonymous and easier to see them all)

So then...

At the end of the week, you will be able to vote on them and choose who you think created the best outfit!

You can vote whether or not you want to add an outfit or you are an author. Enjoy!

Alrighty, now we got that out of the way.... ON to the first item!!

--In honor of me finding a great deal on boots (that don't look anything like this... for those who were asking, I'll post pictures soon)--

I went ahead and got us started with a sample outfit. Check it out here.


  1. This sounds like fun, but the outfit you made it way too cute! How am I supposed to top that?? Plus, I don't have a very good sense of fashion.

  2. I think I'm up for the challenge... but do the items we use have to look like things we already own? Cause I don't own anything fun.

    Also, where are those boots from?

  3. Natalie, you should check out That's where I got my clothes from. All I did was sift through the pages of clothes they have and picked what I thought was cute. Signing up is free, but I don't think you have to sign up to just look through the clothes. But I'm sure you could go to any clothing store website, like

    Megan, I got the boots from I love that site! I think it's fun to look through because I don't have any clothes like that either. It's fun to put together outfits I wish I had. But if you have a real piece in your wardrobe that you really like, you can post a pic of that too. Whatever you'd like.

  4. Oh, has a bunch of clothes from a bunch of different websites. So you can buy from all over in just one place. The boots are actually from And I just looked them up... they're $695!! Holy cow.


It's the cool thing to do.