Tuesday, May 18, 2010

$5.99 are you out of your mind?

Any one remember what commercial my post title is from?  It's bugging me that I can't figure it out.  
I couldn't find anything on Google either.

Thanks for all your comments on my previous post!  You're all so sweet.  I needed to vent a little and I think I'm a little less stressed about it all.  So thanks!

Now that Danica's on her way to 10 months old (holy cow!) I thought it would be a nice time to talk about her 9 month bday.  Well Dani turned 9 months old on May 2nd and we spent the afternoon with Tyler's family.  His parents came into town to visit Tyler's grandma and aunt and uncle's family.

No little photo shoot this month, 
but here's 2 pics of Dani on the 2nd.
She was so tired, she just lounged in my arms.
(Yes, unfortunately she goes through a lot of wardrobe changes some days)

On Cinco De Mayo we went to a Cinco De Mustache party.   You may remember the one we went to last year (it's fun to look back and see myself pregnant... I stretched out the shirt I wore to that party with my big belly.  The buttons still don't fit right on that shirt and there are open spaces between them.  Kind of sad)
We left a little early this year and couldn't party hardy cause we had a baby to put to bed.

More people came after we left and they did the pinata and watched Nacho Libre

I also have some random pictures of Danica lately
I came into Danica's room one afternoon when she had just woken up from her nap to find her sitting in the corner of her crib, foot through the bars, just cracking up.

Danica put her bear in her basketball hoop and then just crawled away.

Danica's faster than the speed of light.  She crawls to and onto everything.
She's a curious girl!

She dumped all her toys out and the preceded to crawl in her toy basket.  
She got a little stuck and thought it was funny.

 Yep, Danica pulls herself up to everything now.  She's so fast and fearless too.

While I was babysitting, I went to check on my supposed-to-be-sleeping nephew.  When I came back downstairs my niece had finished dressing Danica by wrapping her sweater around her shoulders.  Haha.

Dani loves playing a game when she's eating in her highchair.  She'll tilt her head to the sides and stay there until you do it too.  It cracks her up.

I have a MILLION pictures of Danica sleeping in crazy positions.  Maybe one day I'll post them all together.  This girl moves like no other in her sleep.  It's so funny to peek in on her.  Every 10 minutes it's a new position.  Here are a couple that happened recently.
She sleeps sideways, upside-down, feet through bars, feet on bars.... 
(right now she's sleeping with her head in the corner and her bum in the air)
If you can imagine it, it's probably old news to her.

Well, our little baby it getting so big so quickly.  In August she'll be a year.  Oh my!  She's getting quite the personality.  She even laughed when she tooted yesterday. 
Still no teeth yet, but her gums are pretty swollen.  The doc said she'll be getting some soon.  Exciting, but not so much fun!  Danica's been crawling for a couple months now.  She's really good at it and can go from crawling to sitting to pulling herself on something really well now.
Danica gets into everything!!  She loves to open and close all doors and cupboards.  We haven't baby proofed yet, so it's always a challenge to try to distract her and get her interested in something else.  
Every time we leave the room Danica will turn the light off for us.  Danica claps when we say "yay" and she'll wave "hi."  Especially when she sees herself in the mirror (which she loves to do).  Danica also gives kisses on her own and on command now.  Sure they're open mouthed kisses (sometimes with a little tongue!) but they're cute.
Danica's first word was Dad. She says it all the time!!  Think of Sylvester the Cat, "Sufferin' succotash," and all that slobber and that's how Dani says it half the time.  She keeps saying it until she runs out of breath and her face turns red. She also says mom, but very rarely.  Sometimes it sounds like she says bottle when prompted.  She also does this new thing with her tongue when she says "la la la la"  She sticks it out of her mouth and curls it up.
Danica loves phones.  She loves to watch you talk and she loves it when she can participate.  If I hold up her phone and say, "Hello?  Is this Danica?"  She starts laughing.
Danica's obsessions: (besides getting into everything, of course) shoes, feet, and hair.  So, if you have ANY of those, she's coming after you.  When my hair is in a ponytail, she'll push my face away so she can get at it.  She pulls and laughs.  Oh boy... I'm pretty sure Daddy taught her that one.
Dani is a social butterfly and loves kids.  She screams and squeals and laughs at them.
She's also a WIGGLEWORM.  She loves moving (I think that's an understatement).  She'll move until she's out of breath and has to relax and catch it again.
Danica LOVES books too.  She's getting pretty good at flipping through the pages.
And don't let her fool you, she knows when you are hiding something and she knows how to get around your barricades.  It becomes an obstacle course for her.  
Danica takes off like a rocket when she's eyes something!  I'll notice her going for something and say "Where ya goin'?" she'll pause, turn to me, smile with a little chuckle (like she's thinking oh, try to stop me!), and she takes off again.
Danica is getting the hang of peek-a-boo.  She'll grab blankets, the shower curtain, the drapes, etc. to pull over her face.  I'll say "Where did Danica go?" She'll pull them down and then it's "peek-a-boo!"
Dani's sure learning fast and it seems like it something new every day.  Yesterday I was teaching her "more" in sign language and how to give hugs.  Don't know if she's understood "more" yet, but I think she's starting to understand hugs.  I was showing her hugs with me and with her stuffed animal and she was doing them to both of us.  It's so dang cute! 
She loves getting into things she's not supposed to have.  She enjoys playing with things that aren't toys way more than her regular toys.  She prefers playing with water bottles, spoons, tupperware, vents, shoes, shoe horns, buckles, hoodie strings, and lots more. 
She loves pulling out her hair bow/flower two seconds after I put it in.  Which is perfect timing (not) because her hair is starting to grow in more and become more unruly.  We don't need a headband in to try to keep it all tamed... we'll let the food she puts in there keep it slicked down instead.

Well, it doesn't matter what she does, we love her and we love having her around!


  1. She is such a doll! You're such a good Mom too.
    It's so weird to see how big she is getting. I remember when we came to visit and she was just a tiny baby. She's growing up so fast. Make her stop.

  2. She is just such a cutie! I can't believe how big she is getting. Oh, and Olivia totally laughs at her toots too.

  3. That's awesome!! How fun to see her grow up and be so curious! I can't wait for that stage . .yes my baby isn't even born yet but I can't wait for him to be interactive . . .it's the best =)

  4. Wow she is almost exactly where nick is with everything! Nick has said mama, only when he is mad though, but has yet to say anything else. And of course he doesn't pull stuff out of his hair. Also, when Nick gets his legs through the bars of his crib, he gets upset instead of laughing. She is too cute, so excited to see her soon :)

  5. The pictures of Danica in her crib are too cute! She is growing up so fast! I'm excited to see you guys soon!

  6. oh my gosh!! i remember that commercial, it used to drive me nuts... i wanna say it was relating pizza?? but the truth is that i have no clue...
    such cute pictures and good job recording all that about your little girl, some day you'll be very happy you got all the "little stuff" down :)

  7. I don't know if this is the same one you are thinking of, but Denny's had a commercial for their grand slam, "$1.99 are you out of your mind?"

  8. what a fun fun stage :) She is just so dang cute!!

  9. Yeah that quote is from Denny's. :)

  10. Thanks everyone! I think Danica's a doll and it's great news to think others think that too :) She really is growing up fast... as I write this a month later.
    Yay Brittany... I'm pretty sure you're the winner. I can't picture the commercial at all anymore (I totally thought it was pizza too, Janeen... like Domino's or something), but Denny's totally feels right. I really need to see that commercial!


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