Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Has anybody seen him?

He looks a little something like this

It's what I see when looking at the inside of my eye lids

It's A Good Night's Sleep and he's MIA!

Danica's been teething for the last week.  Though she's been a little clingy and tired she's been perfect during the day.

At night and naptime, that's another story.  The poor girl is in pain.  We can't leave the room without her screaming like no other.  It's sad and frustrating and exhausting.  We've been giving her Tylenol, but she's still clingy.  So...

It takes the Squirminator forever to fall asleep and it has to be in our arms.  And you know how that goes... she falls asleep and as soon as you put her down she's awake and screams. 
It's been a rough few nights with about 3 hours averaging in sleep for us each night.  Her two naps a day have been about 20-40 minutes.  Not so much fun.

I went to Danica's pediatrician yesterday because we thought she might also have an ear infection. Luckily, no ear infection!  He recommended Orajel for her gums  (blogger's telling me "gums" is mispelled...interesting).  I'm beginning to love that stuff.  It basically numbs your gum....and we know this because Tyler tried it on himself.  Haha. 

She slept pretty well last night (I only woke up with her twice!) and though it was tough to get her to fall asleep for her nap today, she's now been sleeping for about 45 minutes...knock on wood.

I wish teething wasn't so rough, but it's pretty exciting too.  Her bottom left tooth has cut through and we can see that her bottom right tooth will any time.  Her top gums are pretty swollen too, but we don't feel anything (that is when she actually allows us to stick our fingers in to feel).


  1. As I was reading your post I was thinking "I am going to tell her about childrens orajel" and then your doctor had to go and spoil everything.
    But I am glad you found out early about that stuff. Poor Danica. She's growing up so fast. I don't know if I can stand seeing her with teeth.

  2. That's so sad! And hard...I hope you guys all get more regular sleep soon!

  3. Hope she gets feeling better soon and you all can get some rest! Zzz's are a necessity. Love you new blog look as well. So cute and colorful!

  4. teething kiddos are a bummer...luckily it doesn't last forever!!

    One thing I like to do when my kids are teething is buy some gogurts and stick them in the freezer. When they are frozen, cut them in half so they are easier for her to handle...she'll go to town on that thing and the cold will feel great on her sore gums. I like it better than popsicles becuase the yogurt is a lot softer :)

    Good luck, hopefully she feels better soon!

  5. Eek! Three hours a night?? You guys are my super heroes.

    That's cool you're from Elk Grove! My husband is from the Sac-town area...specifically Yuba City. Have you heard of it? It's like going back in time..

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  6. Teething is no fun. Good thing the doctor told you about orajel, it's great stuff. If you find she's in pain during the day, wet a washcloth and stick it in the freezer then let her suck on that. It helped Naomi. Hope you can start getting more sleep.

  7. So Orajel is our friend. But, even better is Night-time orajel. I don't know if you got just the regular, or the pack of both, but nighttime is a bit stronger. After we put that on Reagan she relaxes and falls asleep without us holding her because it must feel really good. Larry also tried it and said it tastes nasty, but that it's pretty powerful stuff. Yay for Orajel!!!

  8. Yikes, that poor girl :( Hopefully things continue to go better for all of you. Nick gets high fevers when he is teething, and he's going through another teething stretch right now. He gets super clingy too. I have heard orajel works well, hopefully that's the case for Danica.

  9. i hope your baby is feeling better and that you are getting some good rest now :) and yes, i have dr. weibell... would you go back to dr. judd for baby number 2? or find a new dr??

  10. Thanks everyone! We tried the orajel pack and loved the nighttime one.
    We also tried the gogurts (thanks for the idea Jill), but Danica is picky/sensitive to the cold and wont stick it in her mouth very long. She'll play with it and make a big mess instead. Hey it keeps her happy and not thinking about her teeth... so it works in that way :) If she doesn't throw it on the ground, I end up eating it. No complaints there.


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