Thursday, December 16, 2010

redecorating surprise

Well, a couple times Tyler has told me that I should post about the redecorating surprise I did in our front room while he was gone in Orlando for a work convention back in October.  I told him that he should post about it so I didn't sound like I was saying "Oh! Look at all I did.  I'm so cool!"  But he hasn't posted about it, obviously.  And for the last few days I've been looking at our blog thinking I should post about something... but what?

Well here you have it.  The Redecoration... Look at all I did!  I'm so cool!
(It actually wasn't a lot since I couldn't spend very much money and had only a couple days to do it.... granted I did stay up most of the nights working too... so it was more like a few "days" to do it)

The reason I decided to redecorate was because we bought some new couches!!

You may have noticed these curtains before.

With the new chocolate brown couches and the old olive green curtains
the room seemed very dark.  
Replacing the green with some robin's egg blue lightened things up a bit.

Here are the new accessories:
(sorry for all the bad pics.  I did it quickly during Dani's nap)
super easy fabric balls - made out of scrap fabric and a little hot glue 
Danica's had some fun with these balls... as you can tell

These are hanging along our stairs
made with scrapbook paper and basic crocheting skills

On one of our cinderblock walls hang these frames
made out of cardboard mats (pack of 3 at $ Store), 
covered in scrapbook paper, and fun doodads, and hung up with that blue tacky tape (or whatever it's called)
the berries were found online and cut out with my cricut 
(I LOVE my cricut!!)

also made with my cricut....

I got this idea from my sister Anna. 
The empty picture in the middle will eventually be one like this

(The Oakland, CA Temple, where we got married)

I also made these

The backs of the pillows are all slip covers made with the same blue and white fabric as the big pillow.  I was actually proud of myself for figuring out how to do the slip cover on my own... a whole lot easier than I thought it would be too.  That fabric is left over from curtains I originally made.  Though they kept me up 'til the wee hours of morning, they, sadly, looked horrible!  So they're now sitting in a drawer upstairs.

Even so, I enjoyed doing this redecoration.  I love to craft and it's always fun to see something you made come together.
And now that I think about it, I have serveral things to post, but it's all about finding the time to do it.  So I guess... stay tuned.


  1. Did you make those curtains? I was looking around your house thinking, I didn't notice these (wall hangings). I love the new layout. I think it is so cute!
    You are SO crafty! I love that we are friends and that you can teach me all of these neat things you know. And I covet your cricut machine.

  2. Wow it looks so great! Such cute ideas. You are so crafty!

  3. Um..SO cute!!! I feel privileged to have seen them already!

  4. Wow- you're so amazing! I love all of it- good job!

  5. All of it looks awesome! A job well done, Emily.

  6. Looks good! I'm jealous of your skills. The pillows are pretty!

  7. You are so creative! We just bought a house and I have no clue what to do to decorate! I just might have to copy some ideas. Thanks for posting! ;)

  8. Wow! So cute. Great job! And you should show off your cool talents!!!


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