Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let the strange dreams begin!

I always have weird dreams when I'm pregnant.
I won't bore you with all the crazy details, but let me just say that it involved me being sick at the hospital with blood sugar levels at 1 (!!!), being loopy and sliding off the hospital bed (like down a slide) over and over, and having to donate a lung to my 8 week old fetus!.... I'm pretty sure our baby doesn't even have lungs formed yet.


  1. Those are some crazy ones! I don't think I ever had strange dreams. hope you are feeling good!

  2. Ha Ha! I'm right there with ya. I had a dream a few months ago that I had my baby and he was around 3 years old, walking, talking and everything...except...dare I say...I was breastfeeding him because he was just a newborn baby! So gross and weird and I was all sorts of confused when I woke up the next morning.

  3. that IS a weird dream. ps. my word verification is STONALS. kinda like toenails, but not.

  4. Courtney - Thanks! I'm feeling pretty ok most of the time.... still waiting for that 2nd trimester to come :)
    Tonya - Haha! That's a funny dream. I love hearing the crazy dreams people have.
    Anna - STONALS! haha, that cracks me up. I always read my word verifications like real words.

  5. I always have crazy dreams when I'm pregnant!

    Hey, I don't see your fashion blog up anymore :-(. You had a link on there to a girl's website that does tutorials for a skirt I wanted to sew. Unfortunately I forgot to save that link and I can't remember what the name is (clip and something?) Do you mind telling me what that website was? I'm sad you got rid of your fashion blog. It was fun to see your outfits, but I understand when you're pregnant, you don't always feel the cutest!

  6. Thanks Maran! I deleted the other blog and maybe did it hastily, but I sort of glad I did.
    The blog with the tutorial is called C&C (Cotton and Curls)
    the tutorial is here
    and the video tutorial is here
    Good luck with your creation. It'll be fun to see :)

  7. Thank you! I knew it was c and c, but I couldn't remember what the words were!


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