Friday, July 13, 2012

Job Perks

I'm feeling super-mondo sick today with a dumb little cold.
I complained about it on facebook, saying "Dude, moms need Sick Days."

While downing some Day-Quil this morning, I was thinking about how I wish Tyler was here; not because I'd rather be sleeping right now (although I would love that), but because I just want his company.  It also got me thinking about all the nice perks that Tyler's job gives him (specifically PTO). 

It made me realize how much I love the perks of being a mother. If being a mother was a job, I guess you could say I work for my kids... that they would be my employers. Yes, sometimes I have a very bossy two year old "boss," but my kids give me lots of wonderful perks as well.  I began to list them in my head...

• Free artwork
• Free comedy shows - although, now when Dani says she wants to tell me a joke she just whispers in my ear "I love you
• Lots of affection
• No need to pay for a gym membership (ok, that's not entirely true... I still need major help in that department, but you should try holding Talmage for more than 4 seconds and then tell me that's not a workout)
• Free entertainment - oh, the entertainment!!
• I could sing all day and no one gets sick of it... in fact, they smile and I believe they actually enjoy it. (Especially if I remember the songs from Busytown Mysteries)
• Lots of smiles
• Always feeling wanted (although sometimes this is hard, I do enjoy being the one to calm a crying baby or watch their faces light up when they see me or hold them on my lap)
• A colorful wardrobe - spit up and spilled juice make any outfit so much more colorful
• Seeing holidays through a child's eyes 
A great excuse to get up and dance crazy... or just be crazy (and no one looks at me strange)
• A great excuse to sit and play with legos
• Making fancy meals means using a cookie cutter to create new sandwich shapes or making a "sushi" sandwich
Free wake up calls... yeah
• My own personal cheerleader... even when I go to the bathroom.  Now who gets that with their job??
Getting to squeeze and kiss and hug and tickle baby rolls whenever I want
• Receiving tons of cuddles when they are sick

Of course there are tons more. 
Between mine and Tyler's daily routines, I think I've got the better end of the deal. 
Sorry you have to go to work today Tyler! (Yabba dabba dooo, iiiiiit's Friday!!)


  1. Love it! ;)

    Hope u feel better sooner than later! It does stink being sick as a mom.

  2. I love this post. Especially the one about having a cheerleader while on the pot ;) I feel ya on that one. I like your previous post too about Talmage at 6 months. I agree it's bittersweet to have them grow so fast; on one hand I'm so anxious for Zack to get bigger so he can do more stuff on his own and sleep through the night, but at the same time he's so precious as a tiny baby and I know I'll miss this stage so much once it's past! There's just nothing like cuddling a tiny new baby.I hope you're feeling better now and that you're able to get some good breaks when Tyler is home. Love ya!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I totally know what you mean. I was just telling Tyler today that I wonder what kind of personality Talmage will have... If he'll be shy or a chatterbox like Danica :) but I don't really want him to grow up either.

  3. I hope you're feeling better!

    I agree, there are a lot of perks! This is a cute list.

  4. Oh Busytown Mysteries.... that's one we watch too.

    You and me solve a mystery with Huckle!!!

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    2. Haha! After I wrote it, I wondered if anyone would know what I was taking about. Danica's a little obsessed with that show.
      Let's get Busytown!


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