Saturday, March 9, 2013

Update - Talmage boy

Do you remember that I had second child?  Well, it's true!
His name is Talmage and I have done a horrible job  updating about him. (especially comparing it to Danica's) (...Let's be honest, I've done a horrible job updating anything on this blog)
He is still alive and kicking (if you were wondering) and he's 15 months old now.

Just a warning... this will be a long post telling you how cool our kid is (we'll get to Danica another time).  Talmage has so much personality it's hard to capture him all in a post.


Talmage can walk now.... no, I take that back...  Talmage can run now!  He started walking at 10 months and he books it everywhere.  Just like Danica, people are always thinking he is older than he is.  Talmage has blue eyes, though every once in a while they seem to look a little hazel.  He has had 5 haircuts and his hair has lightened up a ton since he was born.  I thought I was going to have a dark haired child, but he's got Tyler's hair instead.
Umm, he's got Tyler's everything.  He is definitely Tyler's Mini-Me!

Talmages loves.....
to dance.  This boy shakes his groove thing to any beat.  It is so funny and cute.  He loves finding toys that make noise so he can press the buttons and run into the middle of the room to dance.
to play the piano. 
to be with Mom.  He is my shadow and loves to be held.
to do things on his own.  He is actually quite stubborn sometimes... he'll even turn his head away and up, and in a very snobbish British accent thinks, "Oh, I don't think so... I am capable of doing this on my own."
to "read"... A lot of the time when he is really quiet, there is need to fear because he has probably gotten into something he shouldn't (that goes for Dani too), but actually quite often I find him sitting down looking through a bunch of books.
hugs.  We've got a huge cuddler over here.  I love it too.  He loves kisses and needs them when he bonks himself.  When he gets hurt he'll come to me with the saddest face (sometimes a cry) says, "bonk" and needs me to kiss him better.
to repeat/copy.  He mostly repeats Dani's actions, but he is really good as copying words too.  He's not prejudice either, he copies everyone around here. Today, actually, he copied Tyler.  If you know Tyler, you know that he talks with his hands a lot.  Tyler was telling me a story when we both looked over at Talmage who was standing next to him, staring up, and moving his hands just like Tyler.  It was hilarious.  You can often find Talmage talking on toy phones.  I think he's been learning phone etiquette recently, or at least learning to control his anger, because when he first starting talking on the phone he'd yell into it.  I guess he could have been picking that from Tyler or me... cause, ya know, we always yell when we're on the phone too.......
to climb up and down the stairs.  He is good at waiting until we say it's ok to go up too.
baths!... and of course splashing in them!  If he hears the word bath he drops whatever he is doing and runs to the stairs saying, "bath"  If you don't go to the stairs with him, he'll run back to you and to the stairs over and over, saying, "bath," until you come too.  At the stairs he'll even run in place because he's so excited.
tickles... what kid doesn't though
pretending to take of his socks while I'm changing his diaper.  He thinks it's hilarious when I shake his feet and say, "Hey, whatcha doin?"

to go outside.  He is so good about grabbing his shoes and coat and waiting by the door.  He does that when he is asked, but also when he happens to hear the word "outside"
the Veggie Tales theme song.  We have often sang this song in the car when Talmage just wont stop crying.  It calms him down every time.
to hum
to stand at window
.  If someone is outside he will wait by the window right by our door and watch and wait for them to come inside.  It's like he's a loyal dog.  Did I just compare my kid to a dog?... I'm comparing the loyal part, fyi.

Talmage goes to sleep really well.  It's rarely hard to get him to fall asleep and if he stirs or wakes up he's really good at putting himself back to sleep (all this is true when he's not sick or teething).  We have a routine when going to bed and one of the things he loves to do is say, "door," close the door, then he switches off the light.

He thinks he's so hilarious when he fake sneezes.  He says, "Ah ah ah choooo!"

Talmage gets so excited when he hears me filling up a cup of water for him.  He'll run into the kitchen with a giant smile and basically prances off when I give him his cup.

He is such a big boy.  He's already pretty good at making "boy" noises; car noises and explosions.  He's loves to climb up on to our couch and onto chairs by himself.  He's great at giving high fives and pounding it on command.  We'll pound it (fists bumping) then explode it (hands open up and you make an explosion sound) and he makes the explosion sound too.

Our super smiley boy loves to wave and say bye.

On command, he can point to his hair, eyes, nose, ears, tongue, teeth, mouth, belly, hands, and feet.

He is a great slave helper.  When ever I ask him to grab a new diaper, hand me his finished bottle, or clean up his food or toys, he does!  He understands a ton and is excited to show it off, I think.

Although he is a boy, I'm sure he would come up and ask me for directions, if he could (jk, jk... no but seriously).  He is always holding things up to me to that are hard to open, so I can help him.  He is suuuuper curious.
Speaking of, he is always getting into everything.  EV . ER . Y . TH . I . N . Gaaaa... Did you catch that?  Yep, that's 7 syllables worth.  Everything.  He keeps us busy.  Dude, our place is baby proofed, but he always finds a way to get into things he's not supposed to.

Everyday Talmage is saying and repeating new words, but these are words that he commonly uses:
★hi ★bye ★apple ★up please ★all done (puts hand up) ★hello ★bed ★door ★bath ★boo! ★and me ★hi ya! ★belly belly ★bless you ★duck ★quack ★dog ★ruff (barking noise) ★ball ★ eye ★nose ★bottle ★ shoe ★yeah ★mom ★dad ★Mimi (Tyler's mom) ★Pop Pop (Tyler's dad) ★down ★ feet ★bonk ★fake snoring noises ★ho ho ho ★baby
And he can understand a whole lot more.

Talmage is growing in so many ways. It surprises me everyday the new things he is learning.  He's always figuring out how to make things works or which buttons to push... on toys, or suddenly reaching to something I just moved out of reach.  Although he's still learning to express himself and ask for things (right now he's a screamer when he wants something.... ahhhhh! ← Oh, that was me screaming just then) we sure do loooooove our Talmage boy!


  1. Dude. I can't believe how big he's getting. We need to hang out more...or just at all. :)

  2. Dude. I can't believe how big he's getting. We need to hang out, yo.

  3. Oh. And you should update your family photo. Talmage might enjoy being in there!


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