Saturday, July 26, 2008


So I've done something similar to this before, but I was tagged by my friend Jill and I felt like doing it again. Hopefully I can think of things that I didn't tell you on the other post (and not embarrass myself too much in the process). Here goes:

20 years ago:
- I turned 3
- I had a fairly new baby brother (who's on a mission now, wow!)
I used to go flush the toilet and sing the Pinwheel song as I watched the water spin down
- I owned a pair of hot pink jellies and wore them all the time
- I LOVED roller skating. I'd skate all the time. When I'd have to come inside, I'd skate on our toy train's flat carts or on books in our kitchen (and get in lots of trouble)

10 years ago:

-I turned 13 and was trying to figure out my style. I had braces, huge bangs and flared pants...which were all the rage (well not the braces).
-I loved NSYNC and had posters of them on my wall. I once pulled an all-nighter trying to win tickets on the radio for their concert (sad I know). I didn't win, but come to find out, later that night my sister Anna told me she had an extra ticket and invited me to go with her and her friends. I thought that was the coolest.
-I was a hippie for Halloween (and only had to buy new shoes for the outfit, as I already had the pants... haha)
-I started wearing makeup

5 years ago:

- I had graduated High school and spent my time working a couple jobs and going to school in CA.
- I was taking 2-4 dance classes a day and began teaching dance and gymnastics (and really miss it now)
- My diet pretty much consisted of my refried bean dip and chips. It was probably during that year when one day my sister Eileen was eating it with me, put some on a spoon, flung it at me, and it stuck to my face. We still crack up about it now.
-I taught the 3-4 year olds in Primary for a while before going to the singles ward. I didn't stay there too long before I decided to move to Utah

3 years ago:

- I finally decided between Tyler and Daron and started dating the man of my dreams.
- I was working at Stans Diner (before I started hating it).
- I got a digital camera. (Remember life without them?)
-Well my life was pretty much hanging out with Tyler, having a blast with my roomies, watching a TON of Alias, water balloon fights, doing things at midnight just because...midnight trips to IHOP, midnight swims, and midnight runs to here and there.

So far this year:

- I started a new job
- We moved into a new place
- I got pregnant ( just kidding... that one was for Anna)
- We celebrated our two year anniversary
- We went to my hometown twice (and plan to for Christmas...I'm so excited)
- My sister got married


-I opened for work and got home about 5:30
-I did the dishes when I got home as we talked about our days
-Then I hung out with Tyler all night.
-I actually don't remember what we did. But I did have some of my left over girl scout cookie blizzard from
Dairy Queen ( good)


- I didn't have to work.
- Tyler and I went to Thanksgiving Point for their Xango Summer Party.
- We acted like kids and played on the inflatable slides and obstacle course (and may I mention that I beat Tyler on the obstacle course race... granted while he was leaping over the inflatable tires he kinda biffed it and his glasses fell off and had to gather them, but I still won)
- We went to a nursery to buy herbs (hot and spicy oregano, spearmint, and garlic chives) and pretty flowers to go in our flower bed under our front window.
- Then while watering our garden I had Tyler spray me with the hose because it was over 100 degrees outside. I think he had too much fun with that privilege and I got soaked fully clothed. It made me feel like a little kid, but it was so hot that I didn't really mind.


- We will go to church.
- After church tomorrow we'll drive up to Salt Lake with Tyler's siblings Candice and Travis and have dinner with his Aunt Ann.
-After that, who knows.

In the next year:

- Tyler will have graduated from the Accounting Program at BYU and will be working at a new place.
- We'll possibly be having a baby
- We'll both be a year older.
- We plan to get filthy rich
- And with any luck I'll get a pair of new brown high heels

I tag Anna, Julia, Marie, Frances, and Meghan


  1. you little jokester!! you had me going for a split second. funny stuff!! how come you didn't mention the time you went to the doctors for a a breathing treatment and didn't swallow the whole time. AHHH i still get the eebeejeebees

  2. cute post! I love learning new things about people...I bet we could have been "bang buddies" in jr high. nerds.


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