Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cabin Fever

This last weekend a group of us went to our friend Lissa's parent's cabin just past Heber. It was a lot of fun with a lot of fun and silly people (as you can see in the picture above. ) We surprised Joseph with a 30th Bday party, played pool, Animal, foosball, games, ate a lot of food and just chilled staying up late into the night. Here are some pictures and videos of the adventure.

Kendra, Anslin, and Joseph, shortly after we surprised him

Anslin and Matt

We got there Friday night and Severin and Lissa were in charge of dinner, so the rest of us went down stairs to play some pool.

Tyler and his mad skills

The girls, minus Lissa

A preview of the game Animal. So much fun!

Tyler was being goofy and wouldn't smile for any pictures I took that weekend.

Kendra, the reigning champ!....until the next video

Kendra finally lost a round and had to act like a horse.
She knew I was filming and tried to do it as quick as possible.

(sorry the recording job was so horrible)
We ate dinner and then sang to Joseph.
I loved his reaction after our beautifully sung Happy Birthday!

In the morning a few of us played Foosball. Kendra and Joseph


  1. what a fun party!! way to document so well ;)

  2. You're a good story teller Emily. :) And you took some good photos and video. Can u please send me some photos? Thanks!

  3. Oh! I miss our ward! You guys are so much fun!


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