Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My cousin Carly died a few years ago this Dec 21st. Her death was very unexpected and words can't really describe how much I miss her. I think about her all the time. And even though I know she's happier where she is now, I especially miss her and wish she was here during this season. I miss spending Christmas with all the cousins and singing around the piano. Everyone that knew Carly, was touched by her beauty, generosity, kindness, service, and sense of humor. She could make anyone laugh and her smile was so contagious! She was a great inspiration to those around her. She led such a Christ-like life and helped me personally through so many problems. I miss being able to just talk to Carly, but I also feel so blessed for being able to spend as much time as I did with her. I know she's happy and working hard now and I'm excited for the day that we get to see each other again!

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So yesterday morning I was having major back/left side pains that killed like no other. I was a little worried, but decided that maybe if I took a nap the pain would go away. About 5 minutes later I yell down to Tyler (well I tried to yell, it took all my effort to yell) that I was in too much pain and we need to go to my doctor. He calls the doctors office and they set up an appointment for 2 o'clock. 2 o'clock! That was an hour away. I was writhing with so much pain we just decided to leave hoping they could get us in a little early.
We walk into the office and I had to make a beeline for the restroom making it just in time to toss the cookies (the first of many). After a lot of stuff you probably don't want to hear about, a few tests, and sending me to another clinic, we come to find out I have kidney stones. Kidney stones?! Kidney stones...or? I was surprised. I'm only 23. But I was pretty relieved too that it wasn't something worse. The pain hurt sooo bad.
I do have to count my blessings, though. I had the day off work, so I was already home during all of this. Tyler had the day off work too because he unexpectedly got dropped with some PTO days that needed to be used up before the end of the year. I'm so glad he was here to help take care of me, give me a blessing with his brother, get my medicine, and just be with me through it all. Lots of other many blessings occurred yesterday because of that, and I'm really thankful!
I am doing better today, fyi. I'm still pretty weak and just taking it easy.
This is a funny scene from friends that I was reminded of:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where's the snow??

Not to say that I'm not enjoying this fairly nice weather we're having, but it's December and I'm kind of missing the snow.

I'm excited forand

Though I'm sure come February I'll be wishing for more sun and less


But for now, I'm dreaming of a

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elf Yourself!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards
This is what Tyler and I did over the Thanksgiving break!!