Thursday, March 5, 2009

Shout Hooray!!

Tyler turned 26 on March 4!
The day and celebration were pretty chill. Tyler had to work that day, so that night we went to Bombay House with 6 others from Tyler's work. The Indian food was soooo yummy! We highly recommend going there to eat.
We had a good night and had lots of fun with his co-workers. Apparently we had too much fun, because at one point, while eating, someone shushed us. I couldn't believe it because this was a noisy restaurant and everyone and their cousins were making noise. Crazy.
We didn't pay any attention to them.
After dinner people came over and had cake and just chatted the rest of the night instead of watching the movie we had planned. It was great and we had a lot of fun.
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One year older and wiser too...The Birthday CakeHe's so happy he's 26!Blowing out the candles


  1. That cake is crazy!! Did you make it or did you buy it? If you made it: how in the world did you do that? If you bought it: where in the world did you get that? It's pretty cool. Happy birthday Tyler!

  2. Happy Birthday! And I have the same questions Brian and Natalie have... I'm very curious!

  3. Awesome job on the cake Emily! It looks awesome!

  4. Happy Birthday! Please share your secrets of that cake!! It's amazing!

  5. Happy Birthday Tyler! And WOW, Emily that cake is impressive!! I want to hear how you did it!

  6. happy b-day tyler!! sweet cake. hope you are doing good emily!

  7. Happy Birthday! Sorry we're late, awesome cake though.


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