Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back and Forth

I would have to say that the majority of my pregnancy, thus far, I've felt like I was having a boy. Even though I don't really understand how I, or anyone, can really feel something like that. I just felt that way. And it was kind of confirmed to me when I had a dream that we were having a boy.

Now I feel like I'm having a girl. Maybe it's because I recently had a dream we're having a girl, haha, (Which was a crazy weird dream by the way...pregnancy dreams are so weird!) even though that same night Tyler had a dream that we were having a boy. And now myths say I'm having a girl.

I had my 17 week checkup on Monday. The heartbeat was at 168 and Festus was doing just fine. One of the myths says that if the baby has a higher heartbeat, then it's a girl. So I asked the nurse if she believed in Old Wives Tales. She went on to explain that some she might believe, but others are just too outrageous. And I agree. She told me that if she had to guess now, she'd say I was having a girl. (She's pregnant with her 3rd girl.)

I'm really excited/anxious to find out. It's something that's been on the brain lately. Sometimes it'll float to the back of my mind, but it's always there. (Can you tell??) I'm so impatient!

We have a name picked out for a girl. We can't really agree on a name for a boy, but I'd say it's 90% set in stone.
We'll find out March 16!!

I would post another picture of my growing belly, but I don't think it's grown enough for the naked eye to see a difference. I'm doing fine though. Hardly ever sick. My pickle intake has finally gone down. (No more going through a jar a week!) I've gained 3 lbs since my first visit. My doctor told me that because I'm underweight for a girl my age and height (that isn't prego) I should expect to gain about 5 lbs extra than the average 20- 40 lbs pregnancy weight gain. Which isn't the greatest news, but as long as the baby's healthy, I'm A-OK. Weight can come off. I still haven't felt any movements from the baby, even though I know it's moving around like crazy.


  1. I'm excited for you to find out! That's what makes it so real. Hadley's heart beat was always high 160's and low 170's. I thought that was really high until just recently with our boy I got checked and his high heart beat only hit 150. So maybe there's something to that?? Also, I started feeling Hadley at 16 weeks but didn't know for sure until later that it was actually her I was feeling. Isn't it fun!

  2. Emily- My babies heart beats were both in the 160s. Don't worry about not feeling your baby yet. I didn't feel Hannah until 18 weeks, and some people don't feel their baby until much later. I understand that you are getting anxious, though. I, too, am getting very anxious to find out what I am having. Anyway, you look great!

  3. Boy or girl that little baby needs water!!! Did you figure something out yet? I just might get you a water filter for your baby shower =)

  4. BABY SHOWER! can we have one for you here?? when?? lemme know. I'll be waiting to get a call from you ON march 16th. what's with the water filter thang?

  5. so fun. Congrats on the pregnancy. I'm always so anxious to find out. All babies are precious. I didn't understand that until I had both kinds. Exciting!

  6. max's heartrate was like 167 when i was 11 weeks so i was sure he'd be a girl...but...obviously i wasn't right! you just never know! and it is so hard to gain weight while you're pregnant (even though it shouldn't be because you SHOULD be gaining weight) but just remember always that you WILL lose it! breastfeeding really helps with that, if you're planning on doing that. i gained 40 pounds and although i DO NOT want to gain that much weight the 2nd time i am pregnant, i don't really know what i could do differently to not gain that much. your body will just do what it has to do to grow a healthy baby! i am excited to see a belly picture! oh and i bet you'll feel the baby soon! i felt max at 17 1/2 weeks but not really steadily until probably 19 weeks...get ready, it's so fun!


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