Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Baby!

On the 20th of June, I had my baby shower here in Provo. It was such a great party. My sister-in-laws did an awesome job. The games were fun and creative, the decorations were so cool, and the food was to die for. I think I could seriously eat it all day, everyday! Here are the pics:A book to write notes to Danica in

With my sister-in-law Marie
(I should remember not to wear this shirt when pictures are being taken with flashes :) )

My sister-in-law Candice making the food

yummy brownies

No boys allowed :)...but he just helped set up

Everything was sooo yummy

In this game they are pulling out thread to their desired length. Some thought they were guessing my girth...but really they had to wind the thread around their fingers and while they were doing so tell everyone things about me. Hope you didn't pull off too much! Haha... it was really funnyThe cakebite favors! They look like little cupcakes and they were absolutely divine!! Heaven on earth!


  1. I wish I could have been there! Looks like you had fun. The food looks so yummy too. And seriously, how do you manage to still look so pretty, being pregnant?

  2. looks like so much fun!!! Hope everything is going great with Danica prep :)

  3. You are such a cute pregnant lady. The shower looked like fun, too bad I couldn't come, but I'm in town now so we should get together.

  4. What a cute shower! Looked like a lot of fun.


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