Friday, June 5, 2009

What goes on in the middle of the night...

So they say that as pregnancy progresses, and especially in the last month, there's an increase in hormones that keep you awake at night. Not only are you waking up a million and a half times, already, during the night, but you stay awake because your body basically gets a burst of energy and won't go back to sleep. Apparently, there's quite a few theories as to why this happens.
The last couple nights this has happened to me. (Yes. Two nights in a row. No. I'm not much of a fan.):
I wake up at quarter to one, with the routine bathroom break.
At two, again with the routine.
At quarter after three, I'm starting to feel some heartburn. Fun!
I think, maybe I can just sleep it off... which usually does not work, but even if it could have, I wasn't tired anymore! Actually, I was exhausted and really wanted to go back to sleep, but my mind would not shut off and my body would not go back to sleep.
So I prop up our winter comforter, my pillow, and another one to go under my back, and sit upright, trying to get rid of my heartburn and fall back asleep.
At 3:45 I hear birds chirping. At 3:45??!! It's still dark outside! The chirping was so rhythmic it was all I could hear.
Every. Three. Seconds.
I think I finally start to doze off again at quarter to 6, but in the mean time this is some of what has gone through my crazy pregnancy brain:
***So... Disney's The Little Mermaid. It's a great movie, but if you think about what the message is there, that doesn't seem so nice. A girl disobeys her father, runs away, mixes up in some bad things, ends up getting away with it, and then haves a happily ever after. It just doesn't seem right. But I'm still going to let our kids watch it. (side note...Yes, I know there's more to the story than that... like true love, the unknown isn't always bad, remorse, humility... but that was my thought process... continuing on)
***You know, in a lot of Disney movies, the main character comes from a broken family. They usually only have one parent and we sometimes don't know what happened to the other one.
***Ouch! Danica's kicking me in like 10 different places right now.
***I think by the time I have this kid my bottom ribs are going to be sticking out at a 90 degree angle because of all the under-rib kicking.
***Maybe this is why I have heartburn too. She's kicking everything back up.
***I'm tired
***They say it's normal in pregnancy to stay awake at times during the night? They? Tyler's always asking me who "They" are. Who are "They"? Why do we listen to what "They" have to say all the time. "They" always have a lot to say. I don't think that "They" are always right.
***I wonder what the "Q" in Q-tip stands for? Maybe it was someone's name? Maybe it stands for quality?
***I get tired of reading the same emails. I swear I get emails (multiple times) that have been in circa since 1997. Why don't people check Snopes? Even if the author of the email says they've got a good source or checked on Snopes to see if it's correct; before they send the email on, they should check Snopes for themselves.
***I think it's cool that Walmart is creating 20,000 more jobs. I hope that helps some.

Well, if you were wondering,that's what goes on when my brain is on pregnancy.
Luckily I got to sleep in until 9 this morning. No work today!

I just used my big belly as a table to rest my phone on while I typed. Haha.


  1. you poor thing :: it will all be over soon and you will have an adorable baby girl to show for it ;)

  2. Haha! That's what goes on in my brain WITHOUT being pregnant. I hope it won't be ten times worse when I AM pregnant! And I am not looking forward to the waking up all the time part. I like my sleep too much :)

  3. Welcome to the world of being big and uncomfortably pregnant! I'm right there with you (although twice as big;). I, too, get up several times a night. I think in a way it's preparing you for what is to come;)

  4. Emily! I have to thank you for making my day! You are too funny! I was laughing reading that and then I remembered that I shouldn't because that sounds just awful. I love your attitude! You're so random and optimistic...sometimes. jk. Just remember that you get a totally awesome and beautiful present when you're all done. i'll join you in a year and see what all this pregnancy business is about. :)

  5. Sorry you had such a rough night. Hopefully, they won't all be like that.

  6. Emily, I feel for you. I can't say that I woke up a lot when I was pregnant, or if I did I could always fall back asleep, but once Ethan was born... good night to good nights. Maybe since Danica is keeping you awake so much now she won't once she's born?! That's what you can be hoping/praying for. I loved what you wrote about Tyler and the "They's". Colby is the exact same way. I'll say things like, "But they said that he should be doing this by now." And Colby will roll his eyes and say, "Who is They?" Are all husbands this similar? Can't they understand it doesn't matter who "They" is. Actually, I'm grateful that Colby doesn't care about "They" because it makes me care less and helps my stress levels go down. We miss you guys! I hope your strawberries are coming up! They looked great before we moved!

  7. Well! that was alot of stuff. Just think of it this way,the no sleep is your bodies way of getting prepared for the no sleep when your presious little one will be here!!!! But enjoy all of it, They grow up soooooooooooooooooo fast!!


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