Thursday, November 19, 2009

There are two things I want to post:

First off, Danica got her first boo boo yesterday.
You can't see it that well, which is actually really good, because it wasn't that bad of a bump. It only lasted for a few hours and then it was gone.
She was really sad... and so was I!
We were sitting in front of the long mirror in her room and I was holding her by her hands so she could check herself out.  When we were done, I let go of one of her hands (to pick her up) and she sprung forward hitting her head on the frame of the mirror.  Ouch!

Secondly, I bought new brown socks the other day!

That's not all the news I wanted to blog about though.
I really needed new brown socks because they were wearing mighty thin and had holes in the bottom.  So I threw them away, but quickly pulled them out of the trash again.
We have a lot of dresses for Danica and not many pants for her to wear during the winter, so I made knee highs/leggings for Dani out of my socks.  The way I sewed them got rid of the old sole completely... so no more holes!
I think they look really cute on her.  And they'll keep her little legs warm!


  1. Poor baby! First of many boo boos, just wait till she tries to walk. cute leggings i love them! i love them even more that I get to think about cute things like that now!!

  2. It's always sad when they get those ouchies-Olivia gave herself a tiny black-eye by hitting herself in the face with a toy. I love the leggings! So cute!

  3. Haha, those socks are awesome! And they look so cute on her!

  4. aww i hate owies. and cute socks!!

    we got a canon rebel xs. i am loving it! i have so much to learn about using it still but the pictures are amazing. it's definitely one of the cheaper DSLR cameras but it is worth it if you can fork out some money, rather than for a point-and-shoot (although it's nice to have a good point-and-shoot too). let me know what you end up getting!

  5. Hey so I found some other info on cameras if you want to check it out. Heres the link
    This guy has a great site with reviews on lots of cameras, this post has some cheaper options of smaller point and shoot cameras.

  6. Good thinking, those are way cute! Nick has yet to get a real owie, but he has scratched himself in the face quite a few times. It seems like I'm clipping his fingernails every day, and he still finds a way to scratch!


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