Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Danica was chatting away and jumping in her bouncer while watching me do the dishes. She was quiet for like 10 seconds, I looked over, and found her like this. She had fallen asleep! I couldn't believe how fast either.
I moved her, but not before I took some pictures!
When I moved her, I woke her up and she just started chatting away again, so I put her in her swing. Again, like 10 seconds later, she was out. Too funny!

Oh, and yes, she can breathe. You can't tell, but there's lots of space around her nose and mouth.


  1. So i've decided your baby is narcoleptic. no baby sleeps as well as yours. my heavens. so, when she gets older make sure to get her the proper medication or she'll go around and say, "it's a race. it's a race" in a funny accent... because that's what narcoleptics do. umm..yeah.

  2. adorable!! and you are so lucky!! I wish Zeke would sleep like that!!!

  3. She is sooo cute! I love it when they fall asleep at the most random times. Olivia used to do that too, right in the middle of playing. :)

  4. awww Emily! Your baby is so cute! It's so fun to see pictures. Yay for blogs!

  5. fun and too cute! the first comment is right on!!! count your blessings a thousand times that she sleeps so well. Hopefully your baby #2 will be just as good. :)


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