Monday, June 29, 2009

Baby Baby!

On the 20th of June, I had my baby shower here in Provo. It was such a great party. My sister-in-laws did an awesome job. The games were fun and creative, the decorations were so cool, and the food was to die for. I think I could seriously eat it all day, everyday! Here are the pics:A book to write notes to Danica in

With my sister-in-law Marie
(I should remember not to wear this shirt when pictures are being taken with flashes :) )

My sister-in-law Candice making the food

yummy brownies

No boys allowed :)...but he just helped set up

Everything was sooo yummy

In this game they are pulling out thread to their desired length. Some thought they were guessing my girth...but really they had to wind the thread around their fingers and while they were doing so tell everyone things about me. Hope you didn't pull off too much! Haha... it was really funnyThe cakebite favors! They look like little cupcakes and they were absolutely divine!! Heaven on earth!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

CA Vacation

We spent the last week in May in California. This is basically how our trip went (told with lots of pics):

Thursday, 21st - The lovely drive to Southern CA
(I slept most of the way)

Friday, 22nd - Tyler's brother Kirk graduated from Law School at Pepperdine in Malibu

Friday, 22nd at about 4pm - We made the lovely drive to Northern CA to my home town Elk Grove
(I slept most of the way...)
Saturday, 23rd - We went to my cousin Katie's wedding in the Sacramento temple. My sister Eileen and I went over to my other sister Anna's house and visited with her and her kids. I went shopping with Eileen, and then we all went to Katie's reception later that night.

Sunday, 24th - We went to church in my parents' ward and that evening we witnessed my oldest neice, Kalla get baptized by my brother Jordan.
Kalla's new Bishop made the comment that Kalla is following the Savior's example, but in a slightly different way. Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan, and Kalla was baptized by Uncle Jordan. It was a little corny, but it still made me laugh.

Monday, 25th - My mom, my sisters Laura, Anna, and Eileen and I spent the morning/early afternoon together and we went to Chili's for lunch. It was a a lot of fun and a great idea!
Then Jordan and his girlfriend Mandi, Tyler and I, Eileen and her friend Jennifer went to Rancho Seco and went rafting. It's a man-made lake by some nuclear power plants. Yes, the power plants have been shut down for years, but i bet there's probably some 3-eyed fish out there....??
Tuesday, 26th - Eileen, Tyler and I went to Rocklin to visit my Grandma and Aunt April. We played some Rummikub with Grandma and then April showed us all of her craft supplies and gadgets. It was so amazing. She does beautiful work.
Later that night, I had my baby shower at Anna's place. It turned out great. The food and decorations were fantasic. It was nice to see a lot of people I'd hadn't seen in a long time.
We got so many cute presents. We also got a lot of baby hand-me-downs from Anna... which was so stinkin awesome of her.
Wednesday, 27th - We went back to my Aunt April's house because she had more craft things to show me. We were there for 4 hours and I learned a lot of cool things and neat tricks while Tyler played some Rummikub with my Grandma. Then, that night Anna's family came over and had ice cream at my parents.
Thursday, 28th - That afternoon we drove down to Galt to visit my best friend Sarah Pierce and her hubby Jacob. Sarah made us pancakes (we've both been craving breakfast foods for a while now) that were so yummy (we want that recipe!) and we brought the fruit. Then we chatted and watched The Office together. Later that night, Tyler and I made dinner for my family. It was some tasty spaghetti!
Friday, 29th - That afternoon we drove to Martinez, in the bay area, and visited Tyler's uncle and his family. They served us an awesome Mexican dinner. That was a lot of fun and before we knew it, it was 9:30 pm.

no pics : (

Saturday, 30th - In the morning, my parents, Jordan, Tyler and I went to IHOP for some lovely breakfast food. That afternoon we went over to Anna's place and my sister Laura's family joined us for some pizza and icecream. The kids went swimming and then nephews got out their water toys and hosed Tyler down. He was completely drenched. It was a lot of fun!

Why didn't I take pics?? : (

Sunday, 31st - We made our way back to Provo exhausted from our busy and fun fun fun vacation!
And I'll add that I completely unpacked that night!!

Wow...I'm really surprised if you are still reading. That was quite the LONG post!