Monday, April 5, 2010

8 months and Easter

Dani turned 8 months old on April 2nd! She has become quite the ball of excitement! In the last couple weeks she's been getting so animated (and loud!) and has started scooting! And oh my goodness! She gets around FAST. It's so much fun, but I need eyes in the back of my head! She's also started showing us this really gummy smile where she scrunches her nose. So cute! Plus she has started waving!

Here's Dani on her 8 month b-day:
Such a cutie!
Although it's blurry, I love that last picture of Danica

We had a great Easter and enjoyed watching Conference. We didn't do Easter baskets for each other this year, and it was kind of nice. I wasn't concerned at all about what candy I would get, but more focused on the real meaning of Easter.

Here's Danica on Easter:
With all her loot. Thanks Grams for the Easter basket! I
I'm glad Miss Danica goes for her book first. What a smarty!
Tyler's mom made her this dress and headband! It's so darling!
Thank you!!
(She also made a dress out of some extra material she used on my bridesmaid's skirts. I have one of those skirts so Dani and I might have to match on purpose one of these days and take a picture)

Tyler and I gave Danica a blanket for Easter, along with that purple ball. I was going to make the blanket before she was born (HA!), but with Tyler's mom's help, I finished it a couple days before Easter.
This picture is kind of lame, but it will have to do.
I had it mostly complete for the longest time,
but couldn't figure out the binding on the corners

One last picture I thought I'd share.
This is my super ghetto jewelry holder. It's tucked in a nook in our room. I was tired of my small jewelry box (that actually has my name and my ex's name next to hearts on it....think I need a new one??) not being able to hold all my jewelry well. So I hung up the ones I wear most often and kept all bracelets and stud earrings and such in the box. It looks a little silly, but it works really well for now, and makes me happy.


  1. Danica's little scrunched up smile is so cute!

  2. She is such a cute girl and is getting so big!

  3. My how time flies! Glad to see Dani doing so well =)

  4. Aww she's so cute. Love her little smile. I bet she's too fun right now. Cute blanket and good job on finishing it. Oh and I love the dress, Heidi did a good job on it. :)

  5. She's 8 months! Crazy! Times truly flies! I love that dress your MIL made her. So cute!

  6. Nice job on the blanket! I still haven't made Nick one. He ended up having so many blankets given to him that I thought it pointless to make another one for him. I just finished making bumpers for his crib, though. Cool idea with your jewelry. I was just telling Jacob how I need a bigger jewelry box, but something more like what you have might work better. Hope you don't mind if I steal your idea... ;)

  7. Thanks everyone! Danica's yet to really use the blanket I made her... it fits weird on her crib and it's too warm now anyway.
    The jewelry holder holds us well.... it's still ghetto fabulous on my wall! :)


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