Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The weekend

This last weekend it was just Dani and me.  Tyler left Thursday morning for a work convention in Las Vegas.  After he had a long, hard few days, and a fun show, he came home Sunday night.
It was not so much fun spending a lot of time with out him, (it was a little crazy... and a little emotional for me) but I was able to catch up on quite a few things.
I finally finished some crafts I had started, worked on some that still need to be finished, and started a brand new one.
Also, last Saturday I planned a get-together to teach the rosettes, so I made another necklace.

Now what?....Now onto tackling another one off the list again.

Anything you guys are interested in making?
.... there's a good chance it might be one of my 130+ crafts on my To Do list.


  1. I am so sorry I wasn't there. You need to tell me when Tyler isn't home and we will hang out. Danica can come too! :)
    Drew does stuff all the time with his guy friends and all of my best friends live out of town.

  2. Very cute! Sorry you had to spend time with out tyler, no fun at all! I know how it can be when mark has had to leave for work too. I so wish I lived closer so I could participate in your crafty stuff!

  3. I love that white necklace you made!! I really wish we still lived there so you could teach me. Maybe one day...

  4. Thanks! I wish you all could have been there too.!


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