Monday, August 9, 2010

She's had a birthday. Shout hurray!!

Our little Danica turned 1!
I can't believe how quickly time has flown by.
Think she's grown a little?
This is her when we brought her home from the hospital and then on her first bday

On the left is a onesie she wears now, and on the right is the onesie we took her home from the hospital in.  (And she was swimming in the onesie on the right)

We had two birthday parties for her (what a lucky duck!).  My parents were in town for one and Tyler's parents were in town for the other.
Here's (lots of) pictures from both.
I made Danica a skirt to wear at her birthday party 
(you can barely see it in the picture above)
I think it's cute :)
I also altered this shirt (that I got from the dollar store).  It was fun.
back to the parties....

Dani's personal monkey cake

The eyes were marshmallows, so she couldn't eat those... hence the missing eyes
But she dug into the rest

The cupcakes were for everyone else.

Miss Danica's stuffed monkey 
(she's loved this thing ever since she could hold it!)
That's where the theme started
...and we call her our "little monkey"
We also had banana splits, cookies, and cocoa rice krispie treats

Danica's hair is long enough for pigtails!  
We thought they made her look so much older!
What a cutie!
You can kind of see her teeth in this one.  
She has 4, with 2 more coming in right now.

Dani's learned to walk!
These are pictures on Danica's actual birthday,
August 2
Such a sweetheart and ball of energy!!!

I have lots of videos that I will post in the near future... 
Dani's waking up from her nap now, so I gotsta go! :)


  1. aww she's getting so big! happy birthday sweet girl!

  2. Ahh i love it all. love the monkey theme, love how cute she is and love those little piggies!! So adorable. She really went crazy with her cake, wow! That little skirt is so cute. love seeing the comparison pics at the begining, so fun to see how much she's grown.

    Just a little side note: I don't know if you are planning on turning her carseat around, but if you are, you might want to think about waiting. If you aren't then just ignore me. I didn't really know that it was better to leave them facing backwards till a friend told me when Colby turned a year old. So I'm just trying to help other friends. Heres a link that I find is helpfull, also you can just search you tube for videos and it will show you how much safer it is to keep them rear facing. (I got a convertable carseat that Colby can rear face till 35lbs I think and then forward till 40 or something like that. He's still rear facing now at 20 months.)

    (I hope you're not offended, I just want to share what I've found out) :)

  3. She's adorable! They grow way too fast!!

    Your parties and cakes always amaze me! They look great!

  4. Happy birthday Dani!! :) I can't believe how big she is now

  5. I can't believe she is already 1. She's so big and so cute! I love the skirt you made her. I also loved your decorations for her birthday party!


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