Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Bday

My birthday was Monday, but we celebrated it on Saturday.  That morning we bought a jogging stroller (found on craigslist... it's super old-school, but I don't care).  We chilled the rest of the morning and then that afternoon we went to Pizza Pie Cafe (an all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta, and salad bar) with some family.  Then we came back to our apartment and had cake and ice cream.
Tyler made me this cake
I thought it was really yummy (even though Tyler didn't).  
It's a 4 layer chocolate cake with one layer of homemade butter cream frosting (it's the best frosting I've ever had) and two layers of strawberry filling.
As of yesterday I'm 25.  I don't feel any different, but I had a nice relaxing birthday.  Every time I talked to Tyler he wished me a happy birthday.
Danica was really good too.  She took two really good naps and was extra cuddly giving me dozens of hugs.  I loved it!  It was her birthday present for me.  :) I also went clothes/shoe shopping yesterday, which was nice.
Lately I've been super craving hamburgers, so last night Tyler went and got me Applebee's burger and fries while I put Dani to bed.  I have an awesome husband.  He'll do anything for me... any day of the year, but he always makes me feel extra special around my birthday!


  1. super cool. and yes, you have a great hubs. can't wait to see you guys

  2. happy late b-day!!! it sounded like a great birthday... and what a sweet husnand... p.s. i didn't know we were the same age, i always thought i was a few years older...

  3. Thanks guys!
    Janeen - I remember thinking you were older too. I can't remember if Carly or Katie told me, but I was surprised. I'm just glad you didn't think I was 5 to 10 years younger... like a lot of people do.

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  5. That cake sounds delicious and it looks AMAZING! Happy Birthday! Glad it was good!

  6. Happy Birthday, Emily! And what a cute cake. You'll have to tell Tyler he did an AWESOME job!

    PS. I was thinking the same thing as Janeen! :) I thought you were at least a couple years younger than me. I'll be 26 in December so for now we're the same age! This will be so nice for you when you're 60. Everyone will think you're 40!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday :) Looks like a wonderful day :)

  8. looks like a wonderful day! I'm impressed that tyler made your cake, pretty sweet. Happy birthday!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! Tyler did a great job on the cake! Glad you had a great birthday!


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