Thursday, November 4, 2010


No Halloween pictures yet... I'm waiting for those pictures still (from someone else's camera)

In the meantime, I thought I should update on Danica... I haven't done that in a while and she's 15 months now...I can't believe how time flies.

Before I get into the update, I've got to tell you about a great find I got at DI.  I wanted to get Danica some books and find some sort of stand for a project I'm working on (more on that later).
I came across this book...

I was way excited to see that... especially for the $4 price tag!!!!
I definitely recommend this book

Anyway... updating...
I realize not everyone may be interested in reading about Danica's updates, so we'll do pictures first, cause those are more fun.

Wearing the wig I wore for Halloween

Eating pasta

 She definitely needed a bath after that!
She's been doing that with her tongue a lot lately

Just being her cute, happy self

 Well, Danica is 15 months old now and she's as happy as can be... now that she's not teething that is.

Her stats at her 15 month appointment were:
weight: 20.1 lbs - 11.53%
head: 17.5 cm - 13.64%
height: 31 3/6" - 74.49 %

Recently she's been:
walking backwards saying "mo, mo, mo, mo" -as more... when she wants more food sleeping from 7pm to 8 or 9am and taking a 1-2 hour nap during the day getting hurt a lot... I'd like to think that it's because she's had a growth spurt and her balance is all off and that's also why she keeps running into our counter shaking her head yes or no in response properly putting on her puppet and finger puppets saying cheese and smiling when we take her picture turning on and off the TV saying "yeah."....She'll get all excited like she's thinking "finally!yes!I thought she'd never ask!" and she'll run over to go do that thing. holding our hand... I LOVE it

Dani loves:
singing and dancing... it's so fun to dance with her and we do it everyday... plus, she doesn't think mom's dance moves are strange...yet! spinning... haha, I started spinning one day while dancing and she followed suit and wouldn't stop. she's a spinning monster now... she'll get so dizzy and falls down everytime baths... well, playing in the bathtub... and she'll cry if you don't let her turn into a prune getting scared shoes (still) peek-a-boo sitting on the couch or in a chair next to mom or dad... I'm sure she feels so big! going for walks... inside and outside the stroller opening and closing doors getting into my facewash drawer ...getting into anything, really, that is not a toy playing the piano taking her socks and shoes off stuffed animals and her baby doll ---hugs and kisses all around other kids helping us take in the trash cans unlocking our front door or car door with the key (she thinks she's actually doing it. I tell her "good job" and she gets a huge grin every time) pulling the throw pillows off the couch pointing at objects saying "da?"... I think she's saying "that?" and wants me to tell her what "that" is telling me stories that are apparently funny because amidst her baby gibberish she'll giggle... so cute pushing the carts at the Laundromat getting into my purse and especially pulling everything out of my wallet sitting on mom or dad's lap while they're trying to work on something pulling things out of the fridge the millisecond it's open... especially the ranch, maple syrup, or hot sauce dogs giving hugs and kisses

She enhales:
B, bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S cheese puffs cheese (from our cheese ball) and crackers

Danica hates:
getting her diaper changed, mostly when she's tired... she'll cry and cry - sorry neighbors! the mailman... I think it's his funny hat teething.... who wouldn't though

She says:
hi dad more bottle bath yeah cheese
... she used to say mom, but doesn't anymore... what's up with that?
-Animal sounds: dog snake cow cat horse
-ASL: food more please milk
-other words I think she's said, but not quite sure: cracker diaper yes water

Danica gets lots of compliments on her:
walking skills beautiful eyes/eyelashes sociability

I can't believe how much Danica has learned and how much she learns each day.  She understands just about anything... she'll retrieve things, point to what we ask, follow commands, and waves hi and bye


  1. Haha! She's a CUTIE! And I love her in that wig!

  2. She's adorable! I love hearing all about what other kids are doing. It is so amazing how fast they start learning things and growing up. Can't wait to see how cute you all were for halloween!

  3. What a pretty girl! She looks so much older. It's just crazy how quickly our little ones are growing up. Maybe at Thanksgiving they'll actually play together :)


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