Sunday, October 24, 2010

Had to share

Our Sunday School class got moved into a different room a few weeks back and for some reason they moved our group... the group that has the oldest kids in the ward... into the Nursery room.  So it's really hard to keep the kids from playing with the toys during our lesson.  In the room they have one of those big plastic houses (big enough for kids to walk in) and Danica and a little boy were playing with that.  The boy was standing outside the house by the window and Danica walks inside.  She opens the shutters, leans through the window, and kisses the boy!  It cracked us up!  Danica's first kiss was cute. Haha.
We're very affectionate at home and give kisses to Danica all the time so she was just showin' some love too!


  1. ahhh. super cute first kiss. ummm. . . only in utah do you share a room with the nursery. weird.

  2. oh my, how cute is she?!! that will be a fun story to tell her someday :)

  3. i couldn't decide if i should respond to your comments on my blog or here, i never know... so i'll do both ;) anyways, it was SO good to see you the other day... lets get together more often and sometimes soon :)


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