Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh Dani Girl

I was thinking the other day how Tyler and I met 6 years ago around this time.  Crazy.  Crazy to think that this Dani-nugget of joy is all ours (well, yes, we share her with her grandparents) and that back then I never realized how happy we were really going to end up being.

Here's our nugget of joy:

what Dani brought home from her first day of Nursery
(she was so proud and wouldn't let go of it!  it's now hanging on our fridge)

Dani's first bubble bath
Silly girl
She was pulling the rocking chair all over the room.  She stopped by the shoe rack and put on Dad's snow gloves and started rocking the empty chair.  Maybe I should be worried...? But I just find it cute
Trying to wearing her doll's clothes 
and finishing her meal by eating the ranch with her spoon... 
I'm telling you, this girl LOVES ranch! 
Ok, Danica used to not be so into watching things on TV, but lately she's been OBSESSED with this Disneyland DVD her Grandpa Seavers made her.   She says, "song" all. day. long. - meaning she wants to watch the Disney Sing Along Songs.  It's pretty funny.

I have a couple videos of Danica... you can catch a glimspe of how much she loves the Sing Along

"C'mon mom!  I told you a million times already.  Stop teasing me"

She usually is more excited, but you get the idea


  1. Emily! She is such a cutie! I love how excited she got when the movie started!!! Adorable.

  2. She has such pretty eyes and cute hair! Isn't crazy how fast time goes? I was rocking Madelyn to sleep the other day and was thinking about how fast she grew up! Love all the pictures of your cute daughter!

  3. Oh how fun. I love the pic of her with the daddy snow gloves on! She's a cutie =)

  4. Loved watching those videos!!! She is adorable! Not to mention that when the Sing-Along started I TOTALLY remember that!!! Thanks for the fun post... and for sharing your sweet daughter!


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