Tuesday, February 1, 2011

18 months

I've been busy posting on my other blog and therefore this one has become a little neglected.  But, I figured I should give you all a little update on our 18 month old.
What??  I have an 18 month old?
Well, tomorrow I will.  Danica turns 18 months old on February 2nd.  She'll celebrate by having a bubble bath!  I haven't given her a bubble bath yet... I know it's silly, but I wanted to give her one on a special occasion.
Mom and Dad will celebrate this Sunday when Danica goes to Nursery!  I'm almost positive Danica will do just fine in Nursery and I'm so excited to be able to listen to the lessons.

Danica has grown so much and learned so much in such a short amount of time, it's crazy to me.  I love this girl and all her personality.
she wanted to wear a hood, but that sweater doesn't have one, so she made her own

A few of Dani's favorite things -
Ranch dressing.  This girl LOVES ranch dressing.  She'll dip anything in it...including her hands and then she proceeds to lick it all off.  I don't mind because it gets her to eat more. She's all about dipping her foods in something
Taking pictures.  She got a toy camera for Christmas and ever since she's seen me take pictures (for my other blog) she's been wanting to too.  She'll press the button on her camera and she even does great poses!
Dancing.  I love to watch Danica dance and she loves dancing to Safety Dance from the Glee Soundtrack.  I'll have to take a video of her dancing... it's so cute, but it sort of resembles the Goombas swaying in the elevator in the Super Mario Bro. movie, but at warp speed.
Going for walks/being outside.  I know every kid loves this and Danica is no exception.  She gets super excited and will gather her shoes and our shoes and everything else we need to go outside.
And... reading, playing pretend, jumping on and playing with Dad, singing, her play kitchen, sitting inside cabinets, closing and opening doors over and over, people watching.
I told her to pose and here are her poses

Danica says (in her own cute baby talk) -
•dad    • mom    •baby    •danica    •pop pop    •dog    •woof    •meow    •moo    •quack quack    •blub blub blub (fish)    •tweet  (this one totally doesn't sound like tweet... it sounds more like she's gargling)    •ssss (snake)   •ooh ooh ooh (gorilla)    •an elephant noise (no idea what the onomatopoeia would be for that)    •bzzzz    •ribbit    •vrrooom    •circle    •star    •triangle    •square    •heart    •A    •C    •O    •X    •Y    •Z    •butterfly    •pillow    •necklace    •ring    •uh oh    •man oh man!  (oops... that's my fault)    •ranch    •milk    •one    •snow    •shoe    •boots    •sock    •pants    •shirt    •hat    •hair    •eyes    •ears    •nose    •toes    •teeth    •elbow    •knee    •diaper    •blanket    •bath    •bathroom    •outside    •sit    •remote    •book    •hi    •yes    •no    •bye bye    •mmmm     •boom    •bottle    •hot    •brrrr (cold)    •coat    •button    •zipper    •zip zip zip (when we use the zipper)    •cheese    •water    •cup    •drink    •spoon    •bread    •hot dog    •music    •church    •Jesus    •wallet    •light    •ball    •bow    •flower    •that    •wet    •bubble    •block    •thank you    •minnie    •kyle    •natalie    •drew    ... I'm sure there's more.
 She's actually been repeating EVERYTHING we say... usually just the last word we say in a sentence.
And she understands just about everything we say, even if she doesn't say those words yet.
instead of falling asleep, Dani found the wipes

Danica sleeps -
From about 7 or 7:30 until 8 or 8:30... so 13 hours.  She's a really good sleeper and always has been.  We're really worried about how our next kid will be.  Her naps are getting shorter, which isn't so fun... but I can't really complain if she sleeps so well at night.

Danica is very social and cuddly.  She's very good at giving hugs (with a tight squeeze and grunt) and kisses.  And when she gets hurt, our kisses make it all better.  She loves to take our hands and help us do something or grab our hand and pull us where she wants us to go.
Every time I greet her in her crib she says, "hhhiiiiii!"
Every time she closes a door she says, "bye bye"
She's really good at following directions and loves to throw things in the trash for us, if we ask her.
Unfortunately she also loves throwing her food on the floor.  (I'm sooo waiting for that phase to be over.)
I also found out that Danica freaks out when I build her a cool fort and won't go under it.  It has to be a pretty lame fort... like a blanket hanging over our kitchen counter.  I'm sure one day that'll change.
Anytime I say, "No, Danica, don't touch that please!"  She'll say, "hot hot hot".... I usually have to explain that it's not hot, and why I don't want her to touch it.
 We're very proud parents and Danica is such a smarty.  She seriously is learning new things every day!


  1. I love that we are amongst the many words that she says. She is SO cute! We are up for babysitting again if you guys need a night out.

  2. WoW! She looks so big in some of these pics! Can't believe she's 18 months already! Such a cutie!

  3. ok, it cracks me up that she hasn't had a bubble bath yet. can you please record her first reaction to the bath? cause i wanna see if she likes/dislikes it.

  4. She is so cute! I can't believe how quickly time has gone. I'm also curious to see how she likes a bubble bath, btw. I also thought her posing for pictures because of your other blog was so funny - my kids are the same way! I can't remember if I've ever posted any of their 'fashion' pictures online, though.

  5. oh man, I got very jealous reading she sleeps 13 hours.... Evie is NOT a sleeper. She goes to bed around 10 and wakes up every two hours until she gets up around 8:30. Cherish her sleep!

  6. Yeah for nursery! That will be nice for you guys to be able to fully enjoy church again. So the outfit with the sweater and leggings made her look like a mini version of you. So cute!

  7. What a funny, sweet little girl! "Hot hot hot!" - so very precious. Congrats on reaching the nursery age! :)


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