Monday, March 28, 2011

How we met....

I thought I'd share the story about how we met.....

SHORT VERSION - We met in our Single's Ward in Provo, UT.

(names have been changed to protect the innocent...or guilty, depending how you look at it)

Once upon a time (2004) in a strange land called Provo, a boy (Tyler) and a girl (Emily) moved to an apartment complex called Centennial (into two separate apartments, that is).  They began attending the same Single's Ward.  Although the boy had been a home teacher to a couple of the girl's roommates, the boy and the girl somehow didn't meet for almost a year.  (Unless you count the time the girl sat by the boy in Sacrament meeting and said "hi.".... but she doesn't remember that happening, but then again she doesn't remember a lot of things.)

During that year, the boy started dating Hildagard and the girl started reciprocating flirtation behavior with Archibald.  After a while the girl's roommate, Aretha, decided she was interested in Archibald, and the girl decided she wasn't, so she went on an awkward walk with Archibald to tell him that she, the girl, wasn't really interested in anything serious with him.  A little while later the girl started dating Biff.

In the meantime, the boy ditched Hildagard and started dating Bertha.  The girl dumped Biff and finally met the boy....As was mentioned the boy was a home teacher to a couple of the girl's roommates.  After one home teaching visit, while the boy sat chatting with the girl's roommates, the girl came out to do the dishes.  Her roommate Ivana, mentioned that the girl had just broke up with her boyfriend and the boy asked about it.  The girl, probably talking way too much, told much of her break up story.  (what a great first conversation)  The boy said he didn't mind though because, hey it got them together.

A little while later (February 2005) Aretha became interested in the boy so she invited him to choir and game nights.  The boy started coming to things.  Soon the girl and boy took notice of each other and started liking each other.  (Aretha started dating someone else and the boy decided to dump Bertha.)

Somehow, during this time, the girl let slip to Aretha that she might now sort of be interested in Archibald while at the same time liking the boy.  Archibald and the boy started vying for the girl's attention.  Really Archibald was trying to get her to notice him more, while the boy was getting the girl to notice him.  The girl liked survived the attention.  All along she knew she'd pick the boy over Archibald, and finally did (June 2005).

Archibald found out that he had lost when one day he walked into the girl's apartment and saw her holding hands with the boy.  To make things more complicated...shortly thereafter another roommate, Darla, started liking Archibald and Archibald started liking Aretha, now that she was single again.  Confused?...  Much to Archibald's dismay, Aretha wasn't interested in him anymore and Archibald wasn't interested in Darla.  Darla, having lost interest in Archibald started dating her future husband, Herb.

So.... the boy and girl started dating, had lots of fun, got engaged (March 2006), and were married (June 2006)!!  They had a baby girl (August 2009) and are living happily ever after (at least they were happy at the time of this post).

(rolling through the end credits.....)

Darla married Herb and now have a baby girl.

Aretha married Walter and now have a baby boy.

Archibald was recently engaged and seems very happy.

Who cares about Hildagard, Bertha, or Biff?





  1. haha cute story. I especially enjoyed the name changes. You guys are too cute together!

  2. this is so cute em. thanks for sharing

  3. these names crack me up! I wish I knew if I was right about guessing at least one of them...

    And yes I was slightly confused, maybe you should draw a comic! jk =)

  4. I was able to kind of follow! Cute story all the same!

  5. probably because i'm one of the name changes, but i followed easily. it was pretty funny seeing it summed up that way.

  6. I loved the story especially since I got to see it when it happened. The boy and I always knew Archibald didn't have a chance ;)

  7. Ha, loved it!! Especially the names. And you seriously were THE most GORGEOUS bride ever. Great pictures!!

  8. Ha!! Cute story...sounds like it would make a great movie :)

    Fun pictures!

  9. You two are so darling! I loved the story and the seeing pictures!


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