Wednesday, March 2, 2011

more random...

I've had a bad cold for a week or two and it's kept me up at night.  I have a hard time falling back asleep too, so I've spent some nights thinking about random things.  The other night I was thinking about how "Hollywood", as I'm sure you're aware too, has come out with a lot of, but not limited to, unoriginal ideas for movies in the last little bit.  It seems there have been a lot of remakes. 
I was wondering if they would ever remake (a good version of) The Wizard of Oz.... based on the 1939 musical.   ???
Well it made me start to think about who I would pick to play the main roles in the movie.  I think it would be cool if it were still a musical too.

Alright now....
Think about the stars in the original movie....

My still-uncertain picks would be:

Dorothy -

Scarecrow -
Jim Carrey or Adrien Brody (can he sing?)

Tinman -

Cowardly Lion -  

Glinda -

Wicked Witch - 
Wizard -

Ok, so I know I'm not the best at picking out a cast and it sure would make for a pricey budget to hire all these actors... but it's fun pretending!

Who would you pick as the stars for a remake?


  1. Holy Cow! You are spot on with all of those. I was looking at each picture thinking, "Yeah!". I think they should attempt it with your cast list. I would definitely see it :)

  2. I actually like most of your cast, so I was kind of surprised when you said you weren't good at it! I especially like your choices for the cowardly lion, the wicked witch and the wizard. I do think Dorothy should be a little younger, though. I think it would be nice to see some talented unknown get that part. Anyway, I can relate to the whole insomnia thing lately... like the other night I was just lying in bed thinking about flowers. Random, I know. I just kept thinking about having fresh flowers all over my house, different kinds... and of course the windows would finally be open to let in a spring breeze. So I guess really I was thinking about spring.

    oh p.s. are you going to do any more posts on your Do Not Repeat blog? I hope you do when you're feeling better...

  3. i would love if they redid this movies (and did a good job)... it's just fun to see how they redo classics... i would hope they would keep a traditional vibe to it though and not try to make it all hip and trendy, i hate when they ruin movies by doing that...
    i hope you feel better too!! it's no fun being sick... when you guys are all better we'll have to hang out...
    also to answer your question, i might post before and after pictures of the clothes i bring in, that's a good idea... i just feel silly because most the alterations i'm doing are so basic and hardly an accomplishment... anyways, i just need to get around to it... i haven't altered another shirt since i wrote that on my blog though, annabelle's kind of been a nightmare in the getting to sleep department lately... but i need to get back to the shirt a day...

  4. Ah! You are so good at this! I would love them to do a remake of The Wizard of Oz. But I agree with Megan that dorthy should be younger. I like Lea Michelle a lot! And she would have to be able to sing really well and that girl has pipes! And Adrien Brody totally looks like a scarecrow but I have no idea if he can sing at all. I like Huge Jackman but Can he sing? If not maybe Gerard Butler but he might be too buff.?.. (He was the Phantom) And for sure Kristen Chenoweth for Glinda but Gwyneth is still a good second choice. No one would be a better lion then Jack Black though that's for sure! Ah! I just love ot. You should be a film caster.

  5. Thanks guys! It was fun to do. I actually agree that Dorothy should be younger. I had a hard time trying to figure her out... as you can see I picked 4 possibles. An unknown would probably be best. :) And thinking about it more I would pick Ewan McGregor over Hugh Jackman... mostly because I think he'd do a better job when the Tinman is crying and then when he sings his song.

    Natalie - Thanks. I'm glad you would see my movie :) haha.

    Megan- I totally want Spring to be here already. I get teased every year by Utah's weather and it's getting tiring. I don't know if I'll post anymore on my other blog. I have lots of reasons why I've stopped... the main one being that I didn't feel like I was doing it for myself anymore. If I really stop, I'll probably post a goodbye post or something.

    Janeen - It would be so much fun to hang out! I hope I feel better soon too. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired all the time. :) Oh and even minor alterations would be cool to see, as that's what mine would be too. Thanks.

    Krisia - Thanks. I think I was inspired by your blog post like this. Oh and Hugh Jackman can sing. He's super hunky and sings. :) Two thumbs up!

  6. This is soooo fun :) Did you know that they did somewhat remake it?? A scifi channel version and Zoey Deshanel (sorry on the spelling) did play Dorothy :) It was actually really good...nothing like the original but really good and I usually hate sci fi stuff.

  7. Julia - Oh really? That's cool! I usually don't like sci-fi stuff either.

  8. Emily,
    This is too cool. I love Jack Black as the lion. And Bill Murray... perfect as the wizard... How did you come up with all the characters. Well done.



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