Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boy names

Well after much deliberation, we agreed on choosing a more unique name for our boy.  We also would really like him to have a nickname. 

These are our top 3 choices (in no order):

*Bartholomew - Barty for short 
*Octavius - Gus Gus for short... like from Cinderella (Dani's been watching that movie like no other)
*Woodrow - Woody for short

What do you think?


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  2. Brent says he votes for Gus Gus.

  3. shaun's sister had a boy back in january. they didn't decide on a name until right before he was born, so when people would ask them what they were going to name him, they'd say bartholomew. after a while, they decided they were going to spell it crazy, too... something like mbolotholomeau or something crazy like that...silent m in the front...the "r" was like how it is in the middle of the word colonel...yeah. they ended up really naming him lucas. moral of the story, i know what game you're playing. i say, keep playing. why do a bunch of people who aren't involved in the making of the child supposed to express their opinions of the name you want for your kid? keep them out of it until he's here and named, and then they'll just have to deal with it.

  4. and i like how you have "much deliberation" after only a week of knowing the gender. ha.

  5. Goodness Katie. After reading your comment I wanted to raise my fist in the air and while shaking it say something profound, like..."fo sho!". But, then i took a minute and thought, my opionion counts! I should be naming this kid because I'm her older sister. I helped raise her (not really, but i babysat sometime probably) and I should have just as much right in naming the kid as her and tyler do. So, the child shall be called...Winthrup. And you shall teach him at a young age to talk with a lisp and sing gary indiana. I have spoken.

    or if for some crazy reason you don't like that idea i think you should use the "words" they give you at the end of posting your comments as word verification. For example, my word today is Blardem. Not a bad boys name, eh?

  6. Eileen, I like your way of thinking. So, if Emily doesn't use Winthrop, maybe I will if I have a boy. If I have a girl, maybe I'll name her Amaryllis and teach her to be kinda a jerk. Oh, the possibilities.
    Or, if you go by the word verification, Emily could name her kind Dista. Tell me that doesn't sound cool... See, you can't. It's THAT cool!


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