Thursday, July 14, 2011

Catching Up

Not sure when blogger changed their format (since we didn't have internet for so long), but it's tripping me out.  Change is fun though. 
Still no pictures of our house.  I know, I know.... I'll get on that.  It's been a little busy here.

Some going-ons:

-Tyler and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary in June.  It's flown by and has been an AWESOME 5 years.  I wish I took more pictures of the weekend, but this is what we did.
*Tyler took off Friday and we took Danica to the Discovery Museum at the Gateway.  She loved it!  (lots of pics below)  *We then spent about $30 on chocolate at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  So worth it.  (I just finished the last of it yesterday).  *Dani ran around at the splash pad at the Gateway, had a blast, and got soaking wet  *We then met with Tyler's Aunt Ann for lunch.  She's Elder Bruce D. Porter's secretary so we ate at the Nauvoo Cafe and took our food outside.  Showing Dani the Salt Lake Temple and eating lunch in view of it was really neat.  *We finished the day off with a little bit of shopping in American Fork

-Saturday we dropped Dani off at Brent and Marie's place (thanks again guys!!) and headed up to the Hale Center Theater in West Valley.  Tyler bought us tickets to the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.  It was SUUUUPPPPPER good!  We were cracking up.  And it was awesome to see a couple people  I know (Dave Tinney and Debra Weed) performing that night. *We then ate dinner at Olive Garden... and, let me tell you, I am pregnant... If I wasn't really sure before, I am now.  So....We originally went to Chili's because Tyler was hankering for a burger and I was craving pasta.  We thought their menu was diverse enough to have both.  Well they don't have pasta and my pregnant belly was set on pasta.  I started crying right there in the restaurant.  I felt so stupid, but I couldn't stop crying.  Tyler felt bad and suggested we go to Olive Garden.  I felt bad for making him feel bad and cried some more.  Frustrated I was crying over this, I let out a grunt/sigh thing.  It was louder than I meant it to be.  Oops.  We just started laughing.  Well my laugh made my crying worse.  It turned into some weird... sob...thing...  When our waitor came back Tyler told him we were going to go somewhere else.  I just stared at my lap and then the floor as we walked out.  I did see the people in the booth right next to us just staring at us as we walked out.  They had probably been staring at our table since that stuffed-up pig noise came out of me.

-Another fun thing happened on our anniversary.  Most of you probably know there are traditional gifts you can give that correspond to each anniversary year.  Since we didn't have the internet, my sister Eileen found the gift for a 5th anniversary is wood.  Well, I think she actually may have been mistaken on a couple of those letters.  No, the gift is not "wood," in fact, it's "poop."  That's the gift Dani gave me anyway.  I was ready to toss some cookies when someone woke up from their nap and started playing with their poop!  I came in to find her wiping it on her clothes, blankets, crib, legs, and arms!  I got her out, wiped her down, and asked her what she was doing with her poop.  Her response was "beans."  BEANS??  Sick!  I sure hope she wasn't eating it!  She must have noticed the look on my face because she chuckled as she said, "Nooooo.... clothes."  So I asked her if she was wiping it on her clothes and she said yes.  So sick.  It was definitely time for a bath and more laundry.  Oh, and Dani got a bath too. :) Happy Anniversary.

And in more recent news,
*Tyler and I both got callings.  Tyler was called as the Elders Quorum Secretary and I was called as the RS Meetings Coordinator.
*I am 20 weeks pregnant today.  Half way there!  We find out the gender on Monday!  I'll be sure to take a belly pic soon.  I was so good with taking belly pics with Dani... not so much this time.  I'm also a lot bigger this time around than I was with Danica.... I guess that's sort of to be expected... that's what I tell myself.
*Dani will be 2 years old at the beginning of August!  My how quickly time goes by!  She's learning so many new things each day.

Here are a bunch of pictures of our Sweetie Pie when we took her to the Discovery Museum and the splash pad at the Gateway


  1. Oh my goodness. I miss you guys so much! I can't handle this. It makes me sad to think how far away you are.
    Happy Anniversary! I laughed out loud while I was reading your story about crying over pasta. I love Olive Garden so I get it girl. That is so funny!
    Dani and her poo? Haha. Oh man. I can just hear her saying, "Beans?"
    Can't wait to see you all soon! Keep updating the blog often. It's my only connection to you. Miss you like crazy!

  2. i had pasta at chili's not that long was a spicy chicken pasta. maybe they changed their menu since then. in one of the pictures of dani, i could see a little bit of you in her. that's kinda exciting. and you should've taken a picture of you crying. that would've been awesome. like my picture at the airport. ha.

  3. u r an emotional mess. LOL! Danica is so big. it's bugging me that i don't see you guys more often. i'm gonna think of you everytime i want me some pasta. too funny

  4. Crazy pregnancy hormones! That's too funny, though. Danica looks like such a big girl! I wish we could see you guys more often. I don't envy the poop experience ;) How's potty training coming?

  5. I can't wait for you to find out the gender! Ahh! it's crazy your 1/2 way there! It looks like you guys are having a great time :) miss and love ya! :)

  6. It was a delight to have her! Anytime you want to do it again feel free to call. Although maybe not when it's her bedtime since she does like my singing but thinks my breath is "sick" =)


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