Monday, August 15, 2011

How I told Tyler I was pregnant

I realized recently that we never posted how I told Tyler I was pregnant. Well, at 24 weeks, I guess now's as good a time as any.

Tyler and I had been trying to have a baby so I already had some pregnancy tests on hand. I would normally take the test with Tyler at home with me, but I was pretty sure I was taking a test a little early, and for some reason decided to take it anyway... just in case.

Tyler believes I just like to pee on things (since I had taken preg. tests at random times... well, times I thought I might be experiencing a sign of pregnancy) though I try to convince him that's not true and it's still disappointing seeing a negative sign on a test... even when you're not actually hoping for a positive.

Anyway... I had just found out I was pregnant on my own, so I figured I'd play this to my advantage.

I texted Tyler and asked if he wanted to go to Red Robin that night for dinner... thinking this is one of his favorite places to eat, so he probably wont say no. Well Tyler said yes, even though he had just finished eating a big lunch at JCW's (a burger place), because he thought, Emily never asks to eat out at places, so even though I'm stuffed we'll go out because she wants to.

Happy Tyler said yes, I stopped by Red Robin earlier in the day and gave them this....

A decorated baby bottle.

I talked to the greeter, made sure she'd be there when we came back in, gave her the bottle, and asked if they could fill it up with whatever drink my husband orders.

Well, we arrive there and the greeter is not the same chick that I talked to earlier that day, so after we're seated I told Tyler I needed to change Dani's diaper, but while he wasn't looking, I found the previous greeter, explained my situation again, and she let our server know.... phew!

Alright, it was just time for us to wait for our drinks and for me to keep talking to Tyler so he wouldn't notice I hadn't taken off Dani's coat yet.

Luckily Tyler's back was to our server (and the 5 other workers that were watching our table) when he brought out our drinks. I waited silently and anxiously (so did all the employees) for Tyler's response.

He just looked at me and gave me a weird look. He thought I was just being dorky ol' Emily.
I had to tell him... "I'm pregnant." That's when it registered with him. Then I took off Dani's jacket and showed him this....


Tyler was then really happy!

.... that diminished briefly when he realized the drink in the baby bottle was actually my rootbeer and not the water he ordered. oops.


  1. That is cute, Emily! Trever was with me when we first found out, but I think it would be fun to surprise him in the future.

  2. So fun and creative! Scott would have been so upset with me, had I taken the test without him around.

  3. very cute idea! u decorated the crap out of that bottle. too funny

  4. Emily... oh my goodness, I just love you. That is hilarious and clever. You have the best ideas:)

  5. That is a way cute idea! I bet the server was so excited to be in on it.

  6. Oh my goodness, that's adorable!! I love it!

  7. I might one day have to steal that idea bc its so cute! Congrat

  8. you are tooo cute!!! I always want to steal your ideas :) Congrats again :)

  9. That's cute! I love that you surprised him. I intend to surprise Drew as well, unless he happens to be there.
    I love Danica's little shirt too.


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