Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Modesty in style?

I just a read a post on down east's blog that showcased these pictures

 I got the pictures from them and they got the pictures via

I don't know about you guys, but I'm loving how
modest and lady-like Kate Middleton is dressing. 

Look at those hemlines and sleeves!

 I enjoy being pregnant, but I'm excited to have my old body back because
I have bags of dresses I've been meaning to alter and some will hopefully look something simliar to these. 

I've never been one to wear dresses/skirts if it wasn't a special occasion
or I wasn't going to church, but things may change.
(I may also "need" to buy some nude heels)
I'm actually really digging the top right dress.


  1. awesome!! you know what else i love about those more than one picture she is carrying the same clutch. When do you EVER see pictures of celebrities with the same accessory?!?

  2. Ok, so forget getting MY body back. I'll take hers...without the work, though, please. Shes way cute and I think shes even cuter cause she dresses modest. I like that top one too and the one next to it. Way cute. We'll have to get together after the baby weight is gone and get us some fun clothes.

  3. Jill - Oh, I didn't notice that. That's awesome. I think she wears the same shoes too.

    Eileen - Yeah, I would definitely take her body over my old one! I really like the other dress too. I like the sleeves. And fo sho about the shopping!

  4. I think she is absolutely classy. I love seeing what she is wearing. She definitely reminds me of Princess Diana.
    They look so down to earth and nice. I keep thinking if things don't go well here I just might move there :) JK, probably not.

  5. I've noticed Kate's modesty, too! I love it!


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