Thursday, October 27, 2011

I have to share...

I bought a bunch of hair clips/accessories for Danica for way cheap and just got them in the mail yesterday.
I got all of this for just $27 including shipping. (pics below) 
I recommend checking out this site if you have any girls, nieces, or enjoy things like this for yourself.
(Perfect for Christmas presents too)
The website is
That's a link to their closeout section, but they have tons of other categories on the left

This worked when I checked out... not sure if it's still going on, but if you buy more than $20, shipping is free and use the code SPOOKY at checkout for an additional 15% off.

A dozen assorted dragonfly hair clips                                A dozen assorted carnations

brimmed infant beanies

A dozen assorted lilies

Crocheted toddler beanies

Large peonies

2 dozen assorted mini roses
A dozen assorted butterfly clips

I plan on taking off the backs of the flowers and making a back out of felt with a couple slits in it (like a pig nose) so that I can make it into a hair clip, broach, or slip it onto a headband or necklace... making it more versatile so I can use them too.
I'll probably take the peonies apart too and make each of them into 1 large flower and 1 smaller flower.


  1. holy cow. i got your email to check it out and haven't yet. looks like i'll have to. those beanies are so cute. will you take a pic of danica in one of those brimed beanies?

  2. Wow, looks like you got a steal of a deal! That's a lot of cute stuff for under $30!


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