Friday, November 4, 2011

All our Halloween fun

This year was all about celebrating things for the first time!

We went to Cornbelly's this year for the first time and happened to meet up with my sister Anna there.  It was actually pretty fun and we'll have to go again when Dani's a little older and the weather is still a little warmer.  It was FREEZING by the time we left.
 I forgot to bring my camera, but luckily my sister used her phone to snap some pics.
They had some tire swings shaped like different animals and things and a tractor ride.

We celebrated Halloween on Saturday, the 29, and Monday the 31st.

Saturday we went to our ward's trunk or treat.  It was the first one we've been to and we were pretty excited.  We decorated our car with things we had already in our house.  It was fun to have my sister and her family join us as well.

 we added dry ice to the cauldron on the right 


                                      my sister's kids
Tinkerbell and a bum
I dressed up as Juno.

Saturday evening we went to our friends, the Gilberts, for a Halloween party! 
It was a lot of fun, there was yummy food and Tyler won the Best Costume award!

On Halloween, we went to Tyler's work were they have an annual Halloween trick-or-treating for the employees' children.  Danica loved it!.  Dani and I dressed up like Tinkerbell and Juno again.
Tyler works in the Tax Department with all women
so he and his co workers dressed up as a polygamist family.

On Monday we passed out candy for the first time ever.  Dani actually went out trick-or-treating and we had lots of trick-or-treaters!
Tyler passing out the candy

Here were some of the things we had going on around our house leading up to Halloween

I didn't take a picture of it, but I traced Dani's hands and feet
and made spiders and ghosts like this and hung them on the wall and ceiling.

We also made some mummy English muffin pizzas

We made some new decorations this year.  When I say we, I mean Tyler
I got the idea, but Tyler definitely executed and made it great!

When buying these birdhouses, I wasn't sure how the idea would turn out or if I could convince Tyler they might look cool, but we both really ended up liking them.

Our snake wreath


  1. Ha Ha! I love your Halloween costumes. Where is yours Emily?! I want to see it.
    Love Dani's costume. Ok Tylers costume is great. I love the polygamist costume even more! That is so funny and creative.
    Love the crafts that you did for Dani. The bird houses look authentic.

  2. Looooved Tyler's polygamist costume. That's just hilarious. And your birdhouses are awesome. Your snake wreath seriously gave me the creeps. And I'm going to do those handprint spiders with my preschoolers next year for sure! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. I really liked your bird house idea! I was looking all over for Halloween decoration ideas at the beginning of Oct. and I never saw anything like that. Very cool and I'll have to remember that! (Let me know ahead of time if you see any cute ideas for Christmas too, if you're looking around:)

    Dani is super cute in her costume. And, I don't know Tyler very well, we never got the chance to get to know him (met him once I think?) but he seems very cool. That's so awesome that he got into dressing up for Halloween! I haven't been able to get motivated to do that in a couple years!

  4. What a cool idea . . .I might have to snag that sometime. I know this is wrong but I thought Tyler put a barbie in the bottom birdhouse above the snake wreath. But then saw that is was a skeleton with a rib cage that looked like a large chest! hehehe. It is sooo fun having kids to enjoy in the holidays. Glad you had fun =)

  5. you guys know how to do halloween!! I love the bird houses...what a brilliant idea :)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Natalie - Sorry no picture of me. I know it's silly, but after looking at my picture of my huge pregnant body I cried every time I saw it. (I've been pretty emotional about it this time around) and don't want the reminder on here. Maybe someday I'll post it.

    Marlyse - I'll keep my eye out for Christmas decorations. Not sure if we'll do much since the baby will be due soon before, but I love to still look for things.

    Marie - I totally see what you mean by the barbie/skeleton. That's pretty funny!


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