Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Speaking of Christmas...

Right now I feel like complaining a little bit about something that's been on my mind recently... and since it's my blog I can :)

It's been bugging me lately, all the reactions I've overheard or read about people starting to celebrate Christmas.  Everyone has their opinions and I hear about it every year actually.

Here's my opinion.... Don't worry about what others are doing. 

As for me, I usually tell myself to wait until after Thanksgiving, like I hear a lot of people agree one should do, and what my parents had us do when we were younger, but every year I start listening to Christmas music sometime in November.  I love the feelings I get that come with the spirit of Christmas.  I love drawing nearer to my Savior and being reminded of Christ's life.  I feel like once Christmas is over the feelings somehow seem to fade quickly, but I think if I celebrate a little earlier those feelings will last a little longer.

I still celebrate Thanksgiving during the month of November.  In fact, you may have noticed that on my sidebar is a list of things I'm thankful for and I've been writing a new one each day.  Also, I usually spend the week of Thanksgiving celebrating a little more by thinking about why we celebrate, watching the TV version of Trains, Planes, and Automobiles, and eating LOTS of food. :)  I love that Thanksgiving is probably one of the least commercialized (big) holidays we celebrate; that most of us celebrate by being thankful and with family.

I can understand frustrations about seeing holiday decorations up really early in the stores, though.  I happen to find it exciting and annoying at the same time.  But what someone does inside their home is a different story to me.  I say, if they want to enjoy the season longer, just let them... even if they happen to decide to not remember Thanksgiving the same way you might.  At the same time, those who are enjoying the season earlier should be considerate of those who are not.

I guess it's a little silly for me on one hand to be annoyed and complain about this and then on the other hand tell people to deal with their annoyances and not complain to other people... but yeah.  I guess my hope is that we can all be more understanding of both points of view and eliminate the complaints.


  1. agreed. shaun's family has a rule that they can't listen to christmas music until after his mom's birthday (november 29) and they usually don't get a tree until shaun's birthday (december 12). i figure i have my house though and can put up the tree when i want to (although this year i have NO idea where it's going to go) and if i feel like listening to christmas music early, i'll do it when shaun's not around (either while he's at work or while i'm in the car without him). that way, everyone's happy. so yeah... do what you want, but if it bugs other people, do it in secret...or something like that.

  2. Amen and amen! I think a lot of people would be upset with me seeing as some years i listen to christmas in july. who cares. If you want to decorate early, listen to music, or whatever christmas early - power to you. It's an uplifting holiday and there is no date that you HAVE to start that...or end it for that matter. ok. that's all.

  3. If people are forced to celebrate, decorate or listen to music early in secret then I think the complainers should have to complain early in secret.

  4. Katie - It's interesting to hear what other families do as their traditions. You could get a small fake tree... like the 3 ft ones... I think they're $10 or less at Walmart and you could put that on a table or entertainment center. That way you could still have a tree, but it wont get in the way.

    Eileen - I agree... who cares? I remember googling last year "start of Christmas season" or something like that or couldn't really find a good answer... it's because they're isn't.

    Tyler - Hahaha. I think either way complainers should complain in secret! :)

  5. I'm with you sister. When I start celebrating Christmas seems to change every year, so I think it's all good for what you're in the mood for.


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