Friday, March 30, 2012

Dani Girl

I like to keep record of the funny things Danica says nowadays.  She seriously cracks us up!  (I shared some of these on Facebook)

*I was wiping off Dani's face after dinner and told her to stand really still... like a statue.  So she held still and told us, "I'm a statue and statues don't talk.  See, like this: (and she yells,) 'NO TALKING!!!'"

*Dani started randomly singing, "I'm a library. I'm a library. I'm a library." Then she told me I was a library. I asked her, "Am I a library or a librarian?" She replied, "You're a library out."

*Danica puts on one of Talmage's bibs...
Dani- I need to wear this when I eat.
Me- Sorry, that's one of Talmage's bibs for when he drools, so he wont get his shirt wet and get cold.
D- Maybe I can spit up on it?
M- (haha) Um, no I don't want you to spit up on it.
D- Maybe I can drool on it?
M- No thank you.
D- Yeah! You wanna watch? You can laugh at me.

*This morning Dani wanted to help me do the dishes. So I had her put the clean ones in the drying rack. As she was doing it, making sure the water wouldn't pool up in the cups, she said, "You're giving me a headache!" Surprised, I asked, "I'm giving you a headache? Why?" Dani's response: "Because you have me put the dishes in upside down."

*Danica asked to help make Talmage's bottle. She put a scoop of formula in and, in the process, spilled a little on the counter. She put the top on and, without me knowing, stuck her finger in the spilled formula and licked it. She gave me this look then described the taste, "It's... sparkly... and yucky!" :) haha... sparkly? silly girl.

*We had 5 large onions chopped and in the fridge.  This is mine and Dani's conversation when I opened the fridge door.
D- What's that smell?!
M- It's onions.
D- Yucky!
M- They're not yucky. They just smell strong.
D- ...and yucky!
(Haha. Then in her sassy voice she says,)
I don't like onions. You should take them out and give them to someone else!

*I was holding Talmage on the couch while he was sleeping and Dani was at the table coloring and making puppets. She kept asking me to make puppets with her, but I told her I couldn't. Then (in kind of an alien/evil voice ) she said, "Come draw puppets with me you silly, busy duck... You're a duck, mommy. You're a duck"


  1. Oh my goodness. She is such a doll. She sounds so grown up now, its hard to imagine her saying all this.
    We sure miss her!

    1. I know! We haven't seen each other in such a long time. Dani sure is growing up. We see her everyday and are still amazed with the things she knows and says.

  2. What a cutie pie! And a smart one at that! My favorite is the library-out. hahaha so cute! Thank you for reading and always leaving comments on my blog, I appreciate it so much.


    1. Haha, thanks! And thanks for commenting on my blog too! You're always so good at responding to everyone's comments. I love following your blog!


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