Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tyler's Bday

Tyler's an old man!  He turned 29 on March 4th.  
One more year, buddy, and you'll be... 25 again!

I sure love Tyler and he's such a good guy and great husband to me!  This birthday post wasn't on his bday, like his post to me was... just one reason why he's the better half of this relationship :)

Tyler is so selfless and always wanting to serve others.  He knows how to have fun and always makes me laugh.  He is good at figuring out solutions to any problem and usually in an ingenious way.  Tyler says what he's thinking, but is super laid back too.  He is spiritual and is always helping to strengthen and lift my testimony.  He brings a wonderful presence into our home and our children notice it too.   Danica loves her daddy and is definitely a Daddy's Girl!

Thanks for choosing me and making me so happy!

 Here's the cake I made for Tyler...

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